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 Post subject: Dropship Cockpit Seating Positions
PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 3:53 pm 
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I had always believed that the seats of the pilot and co-pilot were positioned close enough to where Ferro could see Spunkmeyer's hand on his controls/joysticks from the corner of her left eye. However, a friend recently brought up that it doesn't make sense because having the co-pilot's hand in the peripheral vision of the pilot could be considered a distraction (i.e., Spunkmeyer starts twitching or something). He claimed the co-pilot's seat is further back, and what I'm seeing is an optical illusion of some sort. I agree with his statement that it would make sense for Spunkmeyer to be pushed back to avoid becoming a distraction, but I still think he's a lot closer, and Ferro can see his hand within her peripheral vision.

Maybe he should wear black or gray gloves to blend in. :P


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