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 Post subject: PSN and chat groups and aliens fireteam
PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2021 9:48 pm 

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After getting a PS5 I am finding that aliens fireteam elite has a bit of a clunky invite system.

Having over 600 friends on psn as I play a fair bit of games I am finding it is easier to make a chat group with just alients fireteam players and then do a game invite from there. It minimizes spam and gives everyone an opportunity to join.

The other way is to go into view all friends and click on individuals showing a status of playing aliens fireteam or asking for an invite and inviting them after you click on the individual profile.

The in game invite system is a little bit broken if you have too many friends. This is the same issue fallout has and I think it is due to broken APIs being used from Sony that have to be built from the ground up like Treyarch and others have done.

I imagine xbox is similar.

The impossible takes a while longer and goes over budget too...

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