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 Post subject: Service and ID Number Registry
PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 5:15 am 
Duke Bronson
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Country: Canada
From: Office of the Weyland Yutani Service and Identification Number Registrar
To: All Colonial Marines of the USCM, UKCM, UACM, AUCM, NZCM, etc, and cadets thereof, Weyland Yutani employees, and property, and colonists.
Reference: Application for service number or identification number


1. To obtain your service or identification number from this service, submit on this thread the following information:
(a) Please specify status (E, F, G, H, D, or W):
You are a costumed Colonial Marine, at least 16, in a recognizable uniform, or a recruit who is upgrading (with Colonial Marine patches): E
You are a Colonial Marine Recruit, at least 16 (no uniform yet, no Colonial Marine patches): G
You are a Colonial Marine Cadet (All children under 16): H
You are a Weyland Yutani employee, at least 16: F
You are a Weyland Yutani artificial person: W
You are a Colonist: D

(b) Please specify rank, designation, or other designation:
Colonial Marine Rank (examples) or,
Colonial Marine Recruit (Rec)
Colonial Marine Cadet (Cdt)
Civilian WY Employee (CIV) or,
Property of WY Artificial Person (CYB).
Colonist (DAC)
(c) Surname, Initial(s)
(d) Date of Birth in this exact format, separated by dashes: YYYY-MM-DD (Four digit year-Two digit month-Two digit day)
(e) State, Region or Province and country of residence. (Please click on the blue links to the left for examples)
(f) Callsign or nickname (Optional)
(g) The date of your first combat drop (If none, today's date) in this exact format: YYYY-MM-DD (Four digit year-Two digit month-Two digit day)

2. Requests will be replied to in order of application and in an unspecified amount of time. I attempt to answer your request as quickly as possible. Do not re-send requests by any other means. Do not spam this topic with static.

3. Service and identification numbers generated by this office are unique, and no two applicants will be issued the same number by this office. If you have already obtained a service number via another office, please submit it here so that it may be registered.

4. Wrong formatting, incomplete requests, requests by private message, requests for confidentiality and general nonsense will be ignored, so don't waste my time.

5. If you are requesting a G status, you may later request an upgrade to E status when you obtain a uniform.
(a) All applicants requesting an "E" status must affirm ownership of a recognizable uniform.
(b) All Canadian applicants requesting an "E" status must provide photographic proof of a recognizable uniform.

6. This register is not mandatory to enjoy your Aliens fandom. By submitting a request here, you submit to the rules and regulations concerning this service only. It is not a mandate of service, it is not the end-all of Colonial Marine fandom, it cannot inhibit your ability to have fun and recreation. If you have your own number, please submit it here, and it will be added to the register.

Last update: Last update: 16 September 2020

A01/TQ1.0.12144E1 Col Adams, L CMD Xenosphinx Texas USA 7/15/2010
A02/TQ1.0.12133E1 GySgt Adams, R CMD Hollis California USA 8/30/2006
A04/TQ2.0.62163E1 Pt Adams, R jr Junior California USA
A10/TQ2.0.42251E1 Cpl Alcan, C Reaper Ontario CAN
A09/TQ2.0.92143E1 Pt Alexander, S CMD Wookiee Virginia USA 7/8/2009
A12/TQ1.0.82150E1 Cpl Allegre, CP Gator Oregon USA
A10/TQ3.0.02137E1 Lt Allen, G Maverick South East England GBR
A09/TQ1.0.22194E1 Pt Allen, RE South East England GBR
A03/TQ1.0.02135E1 Pt Anderson, C CMD Moonpie Maryland USA 2/16/2008
A09/TQ1.0.32148E1 Sgt Anderson, LJ Big Fella Victoria AUS
A12/TQ0.0.52149E1 Pt Anderson, SJW CMD Wildething South Lanarkshire GBR 11/26/2009
A02/TQ0.0.22157E1 Cpl Andrews, C Neokramer Florida USA
A04/TQ2.0.62136E1 Cpl Andrews, PC CMD Pnerves Colorado USA 9/7/2010
A11/TQ0.0.62142E1 Col Anzano, G CMD Exo95er Virginia USA 1/2/2010
A19/TQ4.0.32751E8 SFC Apone, A CMD5 Michigan USA 7/18/1986
A05/TQ2.2.22149E1 MSgt Arnold, M Flippy Hessen DEU
A03/TQ6.0.07520E7 Cpl Arnold, P Blai'chenti Texas USA
A08/TQ1.0.02137E1 Lt Arnold, P Deadeye Hessen DEU
A10/TQ1.0.02150E1 Cpl Aston, DW Blai'chenti Argyll and Bute GBR
A09/TQ0.0.82154E1 Pt Azam, E Canoness Edinburgh GBR
A12/TQ1.0.02152E1 LCpl Azemovic, J RedRum South Australia AUS
A06/TQ1.0.02157E1 Sgt Baird, AMT CMD Sixty Aberdeen GBR 10/6/2009
A08/TQ1.0.62244E1 Sgt Baird, J Gungi Maryland USA
A03/TQ0.0.32134E1 Cpl Baker, J Dimsdale Virginia USA
A06/TQ2.0.42154E1 PFC Baker, SJ Purple Pixie South West England GBR
A09/TQ2.0.92146E1 Pt Baker-Siroty, A Fafnir Maryland USA
A10/TQ1.0.02149E1 Cpl Baldock, JP Jedi Jon South East England GBR
A10/TQ1.0.92147E1 SGM Baldwin, D CMD2 SharP Ontario CAN 10/22/2004
A03/TQ3.0.02149E1 Pt Baldwin-Brown, GL Plastic Princess Ontario CAN
A02/TQ1.0.32142E1 Cpl Balschi, D D-Ballz Michigan USA
A12/TQ1.0.92158E1 Pt Balsom, TEC CMD Tech South East England GBR 7/8/2010
A04/TQ0.0.12142E1 Cpl Barnett, T East Midlands GBR
A02/TQ2.0.12249E1 Cpl Barrera, P Jedar California USA
A08/TQ1.0.92146E1 CYB Barrett, C Prophet Maryland USA
A12/TQ1.0.32142E1 Pt Bassi, MG Roy Veers Emilia-Romagna ITA
A11/TQ1.0.42136E1 Sgt Bassi, T Triumph New York USA
A11/TQ0.0.12140E1 PFC Bauder, V Logan Baden-Wuerttemberg DEU
A01/TQ1.0.02128E1 Capt Beale, GM Angel California USA
A12/TQ0.0.12149E1 Cpl Beard, RC Rabbit Oregon USA
A04/TQ1.0.92122G1 Pt Beaumont, CA Bear South West England GBR 5/29/2018
A12/TQ1.0.32138E1 Lt Becker, J Florida USA 7/6/2018
A03/TQ3.0.12171H1 Cdt Becker, M Florida USA 7/6/2018
A17/TQ1.0.83083E5 Pt Becker, T. Warkitten Pennysvania USA 8/9/2019
A03/TQ2.0.62131G1 Rec Bedard, P Blacksmith Manitoba CAN
A04/TQ1.0.32141E1 Pt Bedola, M Sick California USA 4/15/2018
A03/TQ1.0.92145E1 Cpl Béland, D Reaper Quebec CAN
K9/TQ0.0.7200M4 Pt Belle, O Adora Belle Georgia USA
A06/TQ0.0.12145E1 Cpl Bennett, DJ Old Painless North West England GBR
A10/TQ2.0.92145E1 Cpl Bennett, M Baby Girl Oregon USA
A02/TQ0.0.92162E1 Cpl Berber, A Eagle California USA
A11/TQ1.0.42154G1 SP4 Bernard, ZJ Dusty Massachusetts USA
A04/TQ3.0.02145E1 Lt Berndt, M Portalguard Oklahoma USA
A01/TQ0.0.12149E1 Sgt Berner, FC North Rhine-Westphalia DEU
A02/TQ2.0.22253E1 PFC Bieganski, P Brian Mazovia POL
A05/TQ0.0.52246G1 PFC Billington, K Jericho North West England GBR
A01/TQ2.0.72141E1 PFC Birney, S Boonie Dumfries and Galloway GBR
A17/TQ2.0.35117E5 CYB Bishop, L CMD5 341-B N/A USA 7/18/1986
A02/TQ0.0.62154E1 Pvt Bither, S Virginia USA
A08/TQ1.0.62142E1 Cpl Blackmore, P Pabs South East England GBR
A05/TQ2.0.42160E1 PFC Blackshear, CW Blacksheep N/A N/A
A08/TQ1.0.32154E1 Cpl Blake, T Catling New Mexico USA
A06/TQ2.0.72123E1 SSgt Blecke, RL Crash Illinois USA
A03/TQ1.0.02156E1 LCpl Bledsoe RE CMD Smiley California USA 5/29/2009
A03/TQ1.0.62147E1 Pt Bloodworth, J Equalizer East Midlands GBR
A08/TQ3.0.12136E1 Col Bond, R Bullet Texas USA
A10/TQ2.0.02147E1 Cpl Booker, K Kochrane Michigan USA
A10/TQ2.0.12152E1 LCpl Booker, KA Kochrane Michigan USA
A04/TQ0.0.12136E1 1SG Booras, G Coaster Florida USA
A01/TQ1.0.92146F1 CIV Boothroyd, AR Victoria AUS
A08/TQ0.0.22141E1 Pt Borucki, E EKBATL Georgia USA
A06/TQ2.0.72146E1 Cpl Bosko, G Downfall Kansas USA
A10/TQ1.0.22135E1 Sgt Bourdeau, L Boufather FRA 2/24/2018
A06/TQ0.0.42145E1 Pt Boursnell, SL CMD Fly Me Ferro South East England GBR 11/28/2009
A04/TQ0.0.52141E1 Pt Bown, R South East England GBR
A06/TQ2.0.92142E1 Pt Bozzoli, C CMD Dboz California USA 5/25/2009
A01/TQ0.0.32262E1 Sgt Bradley, KE Ivy East of England GBR
A03/TQ3.0.12155E1 Pt Bradley, L Chosen One West Midlands GBR
A12/TQ2.0.82145E1 Pt Bradley, MJ CMD Crashdown East of England GBR 8/19/2010
A03/TQ3.0.12142E1 Cpl Braman, R Ripstick Wisconsin USA
A12/TQ0.0.92142E1 Pt Brandling, J Hyde North East England GBR
A10/TQ2.0.02155E1 Pt Breitenberger, A Chaos Bavaria DEU
A02/TQ0.0.82148E1 Cpl Breuner, M Predator Quebec CAN
A05/TQ1.0.32155E1 Cpl Brock, S California USA
A06/TQ1.0.72176E1 CYB Brodeur, C Brody Quebec CAN
A06/TQ2.0.72152G1 Rec Broomhall, A Sweeps West Midlands GBR
A09/TQ1.0.72245E1 Pt Browne, S Northern Ireland GBR
A01/TQ3.0.02140E1 PFC Brugnoli-Elms, P Scouse Greater London GBR
A09/TQ2.0.52150E1 PFC Brunner, K Ice Baden-Wuerttemberg DEU
A05/TQ3.0.12160E1 Lt Buckley, JS CMD VS Arizona USA 7/18/2009
A04/TQ2.0.52196G1 Rec Budelman, JF Roo Texas USA
A03/TQ0.0.62144E1 Pt Budelman, K CMD Trouble Texas USA 7/22/2010
A07/TQ2.0.12157E1 Pt Burgess, C Wraith East Midlands GBR
A11/TQ0.0.12138E1 Cpl Burkett, DC CMD Mongo Maryland USA 7/15/2008
A05/TQ0.0.32147E1 Capt Burleson, B Marlboro Texas USA
A09/TQ1.0.02143E1 Pt Burn, A Waylander South East England GBR
A06/TQ0.0.32149G1 Rec Burnat, P Burn Greater London GBR
A01/TQ2.0.12141E1 Sgt Burrezo, A Kotus ESP 3/12/2015
A05/TQ0.0.92144E1 SSG Burton, K Sarge Ontario CAN
A08/TQ2.0.72160E1 Pt Bury, CK CMD Shepard Maryland USA 7/6/2009
A04/TQ2.0.82152E1 Cpl Busino, S Mariachi Maryland USA
A08/TQ0.0.72156E1 Sgt Butler, L Swifty South East England GBR
A04/TQ2.0.62158E1 Lt Butler, R Dangerous South East England GBR
A12/TQ0.0.42153E1 Pt Callaghan, D CMD BugStomper101 Greater London GBR 5/5/2009
A10/TQ2.0.02150E1 Pt Camp, SM CMD Fenris Maryland USA 2/16/2008
A09/TQ0.0.52128E1 PFC Campbell, DD Dewka Louisiana USA 8/31/2017
A11/TQ2.0.32146E1 Pt Campbell, MJ CMD Vixen Maryland USA 7/22/2010
A06/TQ1.0.52133E1 Cpl Campbell, T Goober Melbourne AUS 8/21/2016
A07/TQ2.0.02258E1 Pt Campbell-Smith, P South East England GBR
A09/TQ0.0.72142G1 PFC Campey, J Wheels Victoria AUS
A09/TQ0.0.42163E1 Pt Capua, M West Virginia USA
A05/TQ1.0.92149E2 Pt Carroll, CE Pony New York USA 5/30/2017
A05/TQ1.0.92155E1 Sgt Carthew, GR WDImagineer South East England GBR
A06/TQ0.0.42146E1 Cpl Cartier, S Miller Île-de-France FRA
A10/TQ2.0.72120E1 Cpl Case, A Crowhawk East Midlands GBR
A03/TQ1.0.12132E1 Pt Cass, RT Director Kentucky USA
A12/TQ0.0.12177E1 Sgt Cat, JT CMD Vascat South West England GBR 11/24/2009
A12/TQ2.0.02161E1 Sgt Cavazos, S Florida USA
A12/TQX.0.062392E2 Cpl Champion, D Skull Florida USA
A06/TQ2.0.42151E1 PFC Chapdelaine, J The Drill Quebec CAN
A04/TQ0.0.12141E1 Sgt Chatwell, R Colorado USA
A04/TQ1.0.32137E1 Cpl Chell, C South West England GBR
A08/TQ2.0.52163E1 PFC Chew, C Ripper Virginia USA
A03/TQ6.0.79749E8 Lt Chiles, J Dropshipbob Missouri USA
A12/TQ1.0.22862E1 Ssgt Chivers, V Mole Portsmouth GBR
A02/TQ1.0.92152G1 Rec Cho, C California USA
A05/TQ1.0.22161E1 GySgt Chorzempa, R Rydiak Illinois USA
A11/TQ2.0.32139E1 Pt Chow, EYD New South Wales AUS
A08/TQ2.0.12145G1 PFC Christel, J New Jersey USA
A14/TQ4.0.66993E7 Pt Chulamanis, C FNG Colorado USA
A08/TQ0.0.82152E1 Pt Clark, RJ JuniorEngineerDredds Greater London GBR
A01/TQ2.0.92145E1 Pt Clay, H CMD Halibut Georgia USA 1/24/2010
A02/TQ0.0.62144E1 PFC Cliffe, P Bugstomper Gwent GBR
A09/TQ2.0.62144E1 PFC Cliffe, S Happy Hour West Midlands GBR
A07/TQ1.0.32145E1 Cpl Cline, KG Tempest Maryland USA
A04/TQ1.0.52130E1 GySgt Coffman, S Blade Runner Washington USA
A04/TQ2.0.32140E1 Lt Combes, SL Rogue Angel Maryland USA
A06/TQ2.0.72147E1 Cpl Conley, DG Devildog Florida USA
A08/TQ2.0.42137E1 Pt Connor, S CMD Guardian East of England GBR 11/8/2010
A04/TQ2.0.72145E1 Capt Constable, JM Violentj Otago NZL
A01/TQ2.0.82144E1 Cpl Constantineau, M Hairball Ontario CAN
A11/TQ2.0.62162E1 Pt Conway, F CMD Conway Quebec CAN 5/12/2010
A06/TQ1.0.02140E1 Pt Cook, A South East England GBR 4/18/2018
A07/TQ2.0.82150G1 LCpl Cook, A Monster Canterbury NZL
A07/TQ1.0.62137G1 PFC Cook, G Slinger Victoria AUS
A03/TQ1.0.72144E1 Sgt Cooper, D CMD Coop Canterbury GBR 3/24/2010
A09/TQ2.0.13371E1 Pt Cooper, P Trooper Cooper Greater London GBR
A11/TQ1.0.12150E1 Pt Craig, D Judge Virginia USA
A12/TQ1.0.52135E1 PFC Craig, J Crazyhorse South Lanarkshire GBR
A01/TQ2.0.12152E1 Cpl Craig, JA CMD Claymore Argyll and Bute GBR 10/15/2009
A06/TQ0.0.52139E1 Sgt Cratty, J The Comedian California USA 5/21/2018
A07/TQ1.0.32140E1 Pt Crookston, JC Bug Wrangler Virginia USA
A46/TQ1.0.98712E6 Pt Crowe, T CMD5 North East England GBR 7/18/1986
A09/TQ0.0.22142E1 Capt Culler, C Seraph Maryland USA
A88/TQ4.0.71668E5 Pt Curley, K Osmotic South West England GBR
A19/TQ1.6.07924E8 Rec Curley, R Little Miss Osmotic South East England GBR
A12/TQ0.0.72138F1 CYB Daborn, R RustiSwordz South East England GBR
A09/TQ0.0.32150E1 Cpl Dabrowski, RJ Jurgen Mazovia POL
A07/TQ0.0.12147E1 Sgt D'Aiuto, V DUSTOFF Connecticut USA
A06/TQ0.0.82155E1 PFC Daniels, RE CMD Titan Georgia USA 1/28/2010
A10/TQ0.0.22153E1 Pt Darling, L Mermaid South Carolina USA
A10/TQ1.0.92142E1 Cpl daSilva, J CMD Chryse Maryland USA 2/16/2008
A06/TQ1.0.32146E1 SSgt David, JP CMD Kronk Texas USA 8/3/2009
A07/TQ0.0.72192E1 Pt Davies, P South East England GBR
A08/TQ1.0.02129E1 Sgt Davies, RE Bravo Wun Wun South East England GBR
A04/TQ1.0.12155E1 PFC Davis, A Lone Wolf South Carolina USA
A09/TQ1.0.02135E1 Sgt Dawson, A CMD Winch Gwynedd GBR 9/7/2010
A05/TQ2.0.72147E1 Pt De Haan, PJB Overijssel NED
A14/TQ3.0.65090E2 Pt DeGraff, J Homer California USA
A07/TQ2.0.72151E1 2LT Delgado, VA Hawaii USA
A08/TQ1.0.A323732E3 Cpl Densley, T Spellbinder South Australia AUS
A06/TQ0.0.32136E1 Lt Devine, PHTM Lightbulb Washington USA
A12/TQ1.0.72156E1 Pt Dickson, S Hippy Beads Ulster GBR
A41/TQ8.0.81120E2 Cpl Dietrich, C CMD5 Blue Angel Louisiana USA 7/18/1986
A06/TQ1.0.22141E1 1SG Dietrich, CD Louisiana USA
A11/TQ0.0.52148E2 Cpl Dillon, J Oldman Pennsylvania USA
A11/TQ0.0.52148E1 Sgt Dillon, M Cowboy Pennsylvania USA
A03/TQ3.0.12141E1 Pt Dimoplon, D CMD Headhunter Indiana USA 6/19/2009
A02/TQ1.0.32152E1 SSG Dingler, CL Dirk Nevada USA
A02/TQ1.0.92153E1 Cpl Dion, M-C Sexy Chocolate Quebec CAN
A10/TQ1.0.32159G1 Rec DiStefano, V Makarov Virginia USA
A08/TQ0.0.62143G1 Rec Dixon, P Bear Ontario CAN
A11/TQ0.0.92140E1 Pt Dollins, JE CMD Jd Hog Texas USA 11/28/2009
A07/TQ1.0.82149E1 Cpl Dollman, AA Sunshine Pennsylvania USA
A10/TQ0.0.22146G1 Rec Domyan, J Snake Charmer California USA 3/23/2018
A10/TQ0.0.52152E1 Sgt Dondero, M CMD Punisher Texas USA 9/11/2010
A11/TQ0.0.32149E1 Pt Douglas, J Victoria AUS
A23/TQ2.0.47619E7 Pt Drake, M CMD5 Maryland USA 7/18/1986
A12/TQ0.0.12152E1 Cpl Dreyer, D Tool Bavaria DEU
A10/TQ2.0.92154E1 Pt Dujardin, B Brosky West Flanders BEL
A04/TQ0.0.72178E5 Sgt Duncan, C Kitten North Carolina USA
A01/TQ2.0.72148E1 Pvt Dunn, W Virginia USA 8/28/2017
A11/TQ0.0.52146E1 PFC Duplis, A Florida USA
A06/TQ0.0.42147E1 PFC Duplis, C Tentacle Chris Florida USA
A08/TQ0.0.62139E1 Pt Durden, T CMD Smartass Alberta CAN 7/30/2009
A12/TQ2.0.32145E1 Cpl Dureau, M Sortilège Quebec CAN
A09/TQ2.0.32144E1 PFC Duscha, S Slow Hessen DEU
A09/TQ1.0.32134E1 Cpl Dutton, SJ North West England GBR 5/16/2018
A12/TQ2.0.92161E1 Sgt Easterly, DC II Shortbus Louisiana USA
A07/TQ3.0.02152E1 Pt Edjericon, DWR CMD Bootscraper North West Territories CAN 9/27/2010
A06/TQ2.0.32140E1 Cpl Eichhorn, P Chaindog North Rhine-Westphalia DEU
A08/TQ1.0.62147E1 Pt Elder, P CMD Predator Paul South East England GBR 7/9/2009
A03/TQ8.0.05284E1 Cpl Elius, K K84 Victoria AUS
A01/TQ2.0.12145G1 Pt Ellis, S Zoidberg East Midlands GBR
A96/TQ1.8.34962E2 SSG Ellner, G Pug50 Greater London GBR
A04/TQ2.0.32138E1 SFC Elston, SE Harbinger Maryland USA
A02/TQ2.0.82147E1 Pt English, C PapaBear Illinois USA
A08/TQ0.0.12137G1 Rec Erickson, IC Murdoch Arizona USA 7/29/2017
A02/TQ1.0.92138E1 Sgt Esterbrook, D Redjaq Nevada USA
A01/TQ0.0.62143F1 CIV Estrada, L Kobayashi California USA 6/16/2018
A11/TQ2.0.92142G1 Pt Evans, G Stimpy South West England GBR
A01/TQ0.0.52150E1 Cpl Fanara, M California USA
A06/TQ1.0.12144E1 Sgt Fanselow, CJ Prev West Coast Region NZL
A07/TQ1.0.82144G1 Rec Ferris, JJ Jimmy Filth East of England GBR 5/1/2018
A71/TQ9.0.09428E1 Cpl Ferro, C CMD5 N/A USA 7/18/1986
A02/TQ2.0.02151E1 Cpl Finkenzeller, C Steel Bavaria DEU
A05/TQ2.0.22152E1 Pt Finkenzeller, M Doc Bavaria DEU
A02/TQ1.0.52157E1 Cpl Fleming, B Bosco Illinois USA
A12/TQ0.0.12148E1 Pt Fletcher, K CMD Azriel Glasgow GBR 11/24/2009
A05/TQ1.0.32151E1 MSgt Fletcher, S Rev. Scapegoat Glasgow GBR
A05/TQ2.0.12145E1 Pt Forder, J Caramac South West England GBR
A10/TQ3.0.02158E1 Lt Forrest, C CMD Hotshot Utah USA 9/14/2010
A07/TQ2.0.42145E1 Pt Fowler, M CMD Ghost Maryland USA 7/22/2010
A05/TQ2.0.62131G1 Pt Fox, M Filmstar South West England GBR
A01/TQ2.0.62155E1 Sgt Freedman, M Graver East of England GBR
A09/TQ0.0.42149E1 LCpl Frendreis, K Katie Atreides Illinois USA 9/5/2015
A10/TQ2.0.32120E1 Cpl Fretz, D Doc Renegade Virginia USA 9/2/2017
A17/TQ4.0.61247E5 Pt Frost, R CMD5 Illinois USA 7/18/1986
A08/TQ2.0.52161E1 PFC Fruehan, RG Big Girls Texas USA
A08/TQ0.0.92140E1 SFC Fussel, W CMD Fuss Texas USA 3/24/2010
A11/TQ2.0.72142E1 PFC Gajarsa, J Azapane Maryland USA
A06/TQ1.0.52148G1 Rec Gallina, J Thorn District of Columbia USA
A06/TQ1.0.72130E1 PFC Ganado, E Vande Basque Country ESP
A06/TQ2.0.12147E1 Cpl Gardener, A Saint South East England GBR
A10/TQ2.0.12154E1 PFC Gargano, M Spike Greater London GBR
A05/TQ0.0.72274E1 PFC Garnet MacMaster, F Thumper Ontario CAN
A07/TQ1.0.32150E1 Pt Garrett, JL Link Maryland USA
A08/TQ1.0.92150E1 Cpl Garza, AM Valdez Texas USA
A07/TQ0.0.42140E1 Sgt Gaughen, AP The Cleaner California USA
A04/TQ1.0.32142E1 SSgt Gehry, ACI Greaser California USA
A12/TQ2.0.72156E1 PFC Genberg, JJ Outlaw Nevada USA
A01/TQ1.0.42133E1 Pt George, S Wolverine South East England GBR
A07/TQ2.0.72139E1 Sgt Gerrity, PM Scout Georgia USA
A05/TQ1.0.42157E1 SGM Gilbert, M Chernobyl Indiana USA 8/26/2016
A09/TQ1.0.02148E1 SSG Girard, D Tex Quebec CAN
A12/TQ2.0.32138E1 Pt Glasgow, M Doc Auckland NZL
A12/TQ1.0.62143E1 PFC Glover, MB Monkiemus South West England GBR
A03/TQ2.0.92242E1 Pt Gnad, BL Bubba Man Oklahoma USA
A01/TQ0.0.82152E1 Pt Gombos, E Dan Zala HUN
A09/TQ4.0.56124E3 Lt Gorman, S Quebec CAN
A09/TQ2.0.02151G1 Rec Grabowski, JM South Carolina USA
A12/TQ1.0.12137E1 Pt Gray, J CMD Darkstar South East England GBR 10/24/2010
A04/TQ0.0.12148E1 Sgt Greear, A Iowa USA
A06/TQ0.0.12133G1 Rec Green, A Shozu Florida USA 4/19/2017
A02/TQ0.0.12149E1 Sgt Green, CJ Shake Illinois USA
A05/TQ1.0.32148G1 Pt Green, DJ DKMax West Midlands GBR
A07/TQ2.0.12129E1 Pt Green, GJ Gunny East Midlands GBR
A10/TQ1.0.92150F1 CYB Greenway, M Saws Florida USA
A04/TQ0.0.32143E1 Pt Greenway, S Hound South West England GBR
A06/TQ1.0.12143E1 Cpl Griffin, DJ Breach Louisiana USA
A08/TQ0.0.72146E1 Sgt Griffith, R Saint Colorado USA
A07/TQ1.0.32146E1 PFC Grosvenor, P QuickSaber Greater London GBR
A07/TQ2.0.22139E1 Maj Gunn, TO Alabama USA
A06/TQ0.0.32122E1 GySgt Gustafson, DR CMD Mud Shark California USA 12/26/2009
A03/TQ1.0.32145E1 Pt Gutierrez, D Gutz California USA
A09/TQ0.0.32146G1 Rec Gutierrez, ML Bug Hunter New York USA 4/17/2017
A08/TQ2.0.12148E1 Pt Gutteridge, T Gooner South East England GBR
A05/TQ1.0.12119E1 PFC Hall, F.W. Mad Dog Pennysvania USA 7/13/2019
A05/TQ0.0.52267E1 PFC Hallums, CD East of England GBR
A08/TQ1.0.72269E1 Pt Hallums, SP East of England GBR
A11/TQ1.0.72143E1 LCpl Handshy, T T-Rex Kansas USA
A05/TQ2.0.02132G1 Pt Hannant, IP Oggy North East England GBR
A03/TQ0.0.32146E1 PFC Harper, EC Ohio USA
A08/TQ1.0.02136E1 Gen Harris, H East of England GBR
A05/TQ2.0.42129G1 Pt Harris, HE Bad Bunny South West England GBR 5/29/2018
A07/TQ1.0.72161E1 PFC Harshman, D Rudeboy Virginia USA
A01/TQ2.0.92149E1 SSG Hartman, C Hawaii USA
A01/TQ0.0.82259F1 CIV Hatcher, N Scratcher West Midlands GBR
A03/TQ2.0.72235E1 Cpl Haynes, S Hammer Ontario CAN
A03/TQ1.0.02153E1 Cpl Healy, RP Alberta CAN
A08/TQ1.0.42163G1 Rec Henderson, MM Rocker Kentucky USA
A09/TQ1.0.45145E1 Sgt Henley, R Bob Texas USA
A11/TQ2.0.22146E1 2LT Henniger, JS Chun North Carolina USA
A25/TQ2.0.72380E5 Cpl Henson, J Wiseguy Texas USA
A27/TQ4.0.48215E9 Cpl Hicks, D CMD5 Alabama USA 7/18/1986
A03/TQ2.0.12154G1 Rec Higgins, A Pyro Glasgow GBR 10/4/2018
A27/TQ4.0.47215E9 Cpl Higgins, D Higgi Arizona USA
A11/TQ1.0.42144E1 GySgt Higgs, LJ CMD Silent East Midlands GBR 11/8/2010
A01/TQ2.0.02154E1 Pt Hirahara-Picotte, N CMD Redrum New Mexico USA 6/9/2009
A56/TQ7.3.79172E2 Pt Hiscock, H Arcy N/A GBR
A11/TQ1.0.02157E1 Pt Hoelzer, L Heartbreaker Niedersachsen DEU 12/9/2017
A09/TQ1.0.12155E1 Cpl Hohenkerk, CJ CMD Chief South East England GBR 3/3/2010
A05/TQ1.0.72266E1 Cpl Hohenkerk, E Lil' Fella South East England GBR
A03/TQ1.0.72139E1 Cpl Hokanson, E North Carolina USA
A12/TQ3.0.22136E1 Cpl Holbrook, M Vaz Oklahoma USA
A06/TQ2.0.82250E1 CW2 Holden, J Archangel Utah USA
A09/TQ1.0.62159E1 Rec Holmes, S Shorty Yorkshire & Humber GBR
A03/TQ2.0.72133E1 Pt Hom, E Elmo California USA
A12/TQ1.0.52138E1 Sgt Horton, G California USA
A03/TQ1.0.22108E1 WO1 Hostetter, EP Gray Ghost California USA
A12/TQ0.0.12159E1 Pt Houston, K Azriel Glasgow GBR
A10/TQ1.0.02139E1 MSgt Howard, A Dacrates East of England GBR
A08/TQ2.0.32265E1 Cpl Hudson, M Crash Missouri USA 3/20/2013
A05/TQ2.0.12134G1 Rec Hudson, P Widescreen South East England GBR
A08/TQ1.0.41776E3 PFC Hudson, W CMD4 Texas USA 7/18/1986
A06/TQ0.0.42152G1 Sgt Huffman, T Michigan USA
A05/TQ0.0.12149E1 Cpl Hughes, J Huggies Maryland USA
A05/TQ0.0.12152E1 Pt Hughes, JC CMD Maryland USA 1/27/2010
A03/TQ1.0.12147E1 Cpl Humphlett, J Adonis Florida USA
A12/TQ1.0.22151E1 Cpl Hurchalla, N Slim Pennsylvania USA
A09/TQ1.0.82150E1 PFC Huusko, H Hawkins Ostrobothnia FIN
A35/TQ2.3.47306E4 MSgt Hyatt-Dowling, R CMD Skapunkninja South East England GBR 3/30/2009
A03/TQ2.0.42133E1 Pvt Irons, JM IronMan Waikato NZL 10/23/2016
A05/TQ2.0.32137E1 Rec Jack, TW Reaper South Lanarkshire GBR
A03/TQ2.0.02138E1 MSgt Jackson, K CMD Apocalypse Manitoba CAN 11/27/2009
A10/TQ1.0.82125E1 PFC Jackson, M Machine Yorkshire & Humber GBR 2/24/2018
A10/TQ1.0.92148E1 CYB James, M Canon Maryland USA
A06/TQ2.0.52147F1 Civ Jaskulski, J Illinois USA
A10/TQ2.0.52263G1 Pt Johnson, M Wolverine Georgia USA
A07/TQ2.0.02251E1 PFC Johnson, R Western Australia AUS
A02/TQ1.0.42150E1 Cpl Johnstone, G CMD Devoke North West England GBR 8/27/2010
A12/TQ1.0.92163E1 Pt Jones, A The Collector Kansas USA
A05/TQ0.0.82152F1 CIV Jones, E EmmaRipley Alabama USA
A08/TQ2.0.72144E1 Maj Jones, K CMD Callisto South Wales GBR 6/3/2010
A07/TQ0.0.92165E1 PFC Jones, P Texas USA
A05/TQ1.0.52161G1 Rec Jordan, L. Louisiana USA 8/11/2019
A03/TQ1.0.62142E1 Cpl Karohl, J Hellsing Ohio USA
A02/TQ0.0.52138E1 LCpl Kauffman, M Mgikman Oregon USA
A05/TQ1.0.02160E1 Sgt Kee-McParlin, CV CMD Vito North West England GBR 5/18/2009
A27/TQ4.0.48215E8 Cpl Keilholz, K CMD4 Hicks Hessen DEU 5/22/1992
A10/TQ2.0.72154E1 Pt Kelly, C Horseman Four Glasgow GBR
A11/TQ0.0.12156G1 Pt Kelly, J Kalash Pennsylvania USA
A01/TQ1.0.52145E1 Cpl Kelly, S Lab Rat East Midlands GBR
A02/TQ1.0.62150E1 PFC Kelting, G Pain Bavaria DEU
A05/TQ1.0.82144E1 Cpl Kemp, D Friendlyskies South East England GBR
A01/TQ2.0.72150E1 Pt Kenny, J JK Belfast GBR
A07/TQ1.0.32139E1 Cpl Kent, RG SideshowBob California USA
A08/TQ0.0.62151E1 Sgt Kerber, J Sixblade New Jersey USA
A02/TQ0.0.32137E1 Pt Kerr, J Ghost Renfrew GBR
A03/TQ0.0.12252G1 PCG Kilgour, T Warhammer6R Victoria AUS
A10/TQ1.0.72133E1 Capt Kim, D Honcho Texas USA
A03/TQ0.0.52155G1 Pt Kimber, G West Dunbartonshire GBR
A10/TQ3.0.02145E1 PFC Kirby, J Cupcake Colorado USA
A03/TQ1.0.32150E1 Cpl Kirchner, TJ Wrecking Ball Pennsylvania USA
A10/TQ1.0.32157E1 Cpl Klassen, ML MOOSH Saskatchewan CAN 11/9/2012
A10/TQ2.0.72155E1 PFC Kness, TJ CMD Kenny Pennsylvania USA 6/8/2009
A07/TQ0.0.52137E1 Cpl Knight, JK Hybrid East Midlands GBR 10/31/2015
A04/TQ2.0.12147E1 Pt Knight, P South West England GBR
A09/TQ2.0.12136E1 Sgt Kobus, K Bloodsucker Greater London GBR
A07/TQ1.0.72132E1 Pt Korte, S Scout North Rhine-Westphalia DEU
A12/TQ1.0.72141E2 CW3 Kowal, M Bug Spray North Carolina USA
A10/TQ0.0.72149E1 Cpl Kozlowski, SJ Kamikaze Pennsylvania USA
A07/TQ0.0.82154E1 Sgt Kraemer, C Bird California USA
A07/TQ2.0.02146E1 Cpl Kraemer, F Paws California USA
A06/TQ2.0.65181E6 Krook, R III Minnesota USA
A03/TQ1.0.52160G1 Rec Kruger, C.M Crazy Rabbit Lady New York USA 7/6/2019
A09/TQ2.0.82159E1 LCpl Kruise, B BrianAnim California USA
A09/TQ0.0.72132E1 Sgt Kufner, D Inertia Texas USA
A08/TQ1.0.82163E1 Cpl Laboyteaux, A Oklahoma USA
A26/TQ4.0.81455E9 Cpl Laboyteaux, S Oklahoma USA
A11/TQ2.0.72140E1 SSG Lalum, W Giggles Washington USA 3/2/2013
A04/TQ1.0.32156E1 Pt Langley, S Reaper North West England GBR
A11/TQ0.0.82134E1 Pt Larrabee, TL CMD Taj Kansas USA 4/27/2009
A03/TQ0.0.42161E1 Pt Larson, K CMD RED Minnesota USA 10/30/2010
A03/TQ1.0.92141E1 Sgt Larson, MS Chef Minnesota USA
A01/TQ1.0.62147E1 Maj Lauzon, Y Mars Quebec CAN
A09/TQ2.0.92159G1 Rec Laverty, G Astra New Jersey USA 7/12/2019
A02/TQ1.0.12153E1 PFC Law, J West Lothian GBR 2/16/2016
A07/TQ0.0.72158E1 PFC Lawton, CJ Brainstorm Pennsylvania USA
A05/TQ2.0.92136G1 Rec Lazzurri, F Black Mamba Glasgow GBR
A09/TQ2.0.52147E1 Cpl Le Calvez, S Raynes Île-de-France FRA
A02/TQ1.0.12158E1 Pt Le Jander, P Muffin Man California USA
A05/TQ1.0.92149E1 Pt Leach, C Oklahoma USA
A03/TQ1.0.62157E1 Cpl Leach, T Affirmation Oklahoma USA
A07/TQ0.0.62160E1 SSgt Leathem, TCEA CMD Hell Knight Massachusetts USA 12/20/2009
A09/TQ1.0.02140G1 Pt Lee, C Cowboy South West England GBR
A08/TQ1.0.101316X3 PFC Lee, J Funboy Oregon USA
A01/TQ2.0.82149E1 PFC Leland, MB CMD Ten-Hole Virginia USA 9/13/2009
A08/TQ0.0.72160E1 LCpl LeMay, DS Florida USA
A02/TQ1.0.72140E1 Pt Leonard, S Lenny East of England GBR
A07/TQ1.0.62176D1 DAC Lévesque, K Newt Quebec CAN
A01/TQ0.0.92144E1 SSgt Lévesque, M Dracoon Quebec CAN
A08/TQ2.0.02177H1 Cdt Lévesque, R Ralph Quebec CAN
A11/TQ0.0.12146E1 Pt Lewis, G Voltane East of England GBR
A09/TQ0.0.62255E1 Pt Lighton, A Sharptrooper South East England GBR
A12/TQ2.0.62145E1 PFC Lin, K Kampfer California USA
A02/TQ1.0.62137E1 MGySgt Lin, SW Hardcore Hawaii USA
A10/TQ1.0.32151E1 PFC Lindenblatt, K Slug North Rhine-Westphalia DEU
A02/TQ0.0.32135E1 PFC Lines, P Philphy Greater London GBR 3/17/2017
A11/TQ0.0.42132E1 Sgt Link, KT Rammer Missouri USA
A07/TQ1.0.02161E1 Pt Lipnick, B Viper California USA
A09/TQ0.0.82160E1 PFC Logan, T FirstThere Colorado USA
A11/TQ1.0.72144E1 2LT Lopez, JC Jaylo West Midlands GBR
A01/TQ0.0.32154E1 MSgt Lovejoy, MA Reverend Nebraska USA
A12/TQ1.0.12144E1 CW4 Lynch, M Thedus New Jersey USA
A07/TQ2.0.72136F1 CIV Lyons, SC Black Eagle Mississippi USA
A12/TQ1.0.22862E2 Sgt Mackay, K Yakcam Victoria AUS
A12/TQ0.0.92147E1 Cpl Madden, K Kitty New South Wales AUS
A11/TQ3.0.02126E1 Pt Maggin, I Bam Bam South West England GBR
A01/TQ2.0.72156E1 PFC Maio, S Romeo Florida USA
A03/TQ2.0.22139E1 Pt Maitland, AJ Aurora Georgia USA
A35/TQ9.0.13706E5 MSgt Maitland, P Munkey Georgia USA
A08/TQ0.0.22148E1 PFC Majoros, R Cheerleader California USA
A01/TQ2.0.82152E1 Pt Malak, A RockabillyKid California USA
A12/TQ0.0.42151E1 Capt Mangione, MV Kraktusk Florida USA
A05/TQ1.0.82135E1 Lt Marcotte, S CMD Gunner Quebec CAN 5/2/2009
A06/TQ2.0.62135E1 PFC Marcus, AW Marcus Melbourne AUS 7/17/2012
A08/TQ1.0.12261E1 Pt Marish, A Buster Pennsylvania USA
A11/TQ0.0.62153E1 Cpl Marley, S Spikey Greater London GBR
A02/TQ2.0.52141E1 Pt Marshall, P CMD 216 South East England GBR 10/15/2010
A03/TQ2.0.92157E1 Pt Marshall, R Zombie North West England GBR
A06/TQ0.0.82160E1 Cpl Marshall, SB Illinois USA
A09/TQ1.0.72128E1 Pt Martel, R.F. Medicine Man Georgia USA 9/3/2017
A06/TQ0.0.42145E1 Cpl Martin, AJ Gunner East of England GBR
A06/TQ1.0.32139E1 Pt Martin, D New York USA
A10/TQ2.0.02148E1 1SG Martin, L Top East of England GBR
A10/TQ0.0.92160G1 Rec Mason, DA Day West Midlands GBR
A07/TQ3.0.02151E1 2LT Massey, L Skywalker Quebec CAN
A05/TQ1.0.22148E1 PFC Massey, P the DustRoom East Midlands GBR
A07/TQ2.0.42154E1 Pt Mastri, M CMD Ghost Connecticut USA 5/6/2009
A03/TQ1.0.12143G1 Pt Matzke, CP Retro Maine USA
A09/TQ2.0.72147E1 Pt McBrien, J Tuna South East England GBR
A02/TQ0.0.12161E1 Cpl McCabe, TA Hippie Georgia USA
A04/TQ0.0.42159E1 Pt McCall, SS Northern Ireland GBR 4/13/2017
A10/TQ1.0.32142G1 Rec McCartan, MJP South West England GBR
A11/TQ1.0.82140E1 SFC McCarthy, D Mac Hertfordshire GBR
A03/TQ1.0.82151E1 Cpl McCran, J Witch Renfrew GBR
A08/TQ1.0.92143E1 Cpl McDonough, JA McUSCM Texas USA
A03/TQ0.0.92137G1 Pvt McElroy, E CMD Osiris Arizona USA 6/6/2006
A06/TQ1.0.22139E1 Cpl McGee, D Reaper Maryland USA
A11/TQ0.0.22136E1 PFC McGee, ML CMD Angel West Virginia USA 2/17/2010
A12/TQ1.0.82149E1 Pt McMahon, DA Danimal North West England GBR
A05/TQ1.0.02160E1 Pt McParlin, V North West England GBR
A04/TQ0.0.72155E1 2LT McRae, B Michigan USA
A01/TQ1.0.32137E1 Pt Medici, F Frank Buenos Aires ARG
A03/TQ0.0.42159E1 Sgt Medlin, K Delta N/A N/A
A12/TQ1.0.92159E1 LCpl Melendez III, MG Jester California USA
A05/TQ2.0.72143E1 Lt Merideth, JL Booger Missouri USA
A05/TQ0.0.62143E1 SFC Metcalf, R Boba Ohio USA
A12/TQ0.0.92155G1 Rec Milas, J Illinois USA
A05/TQ2.0.82152E1 LCpl Millar, A Llama Pennsylvania USA
A05/TQ2.0.02115E1 1SG Millar, R Pennsylvania USA
A02/TQ2.0.82160E1 PFC Miller, A CMD Rookie Minnesota USA 9/30/2010
A05/TQ1.0.32151E1 Cpl Miller, C Moose Florida USA
A05/TQ2.0.22159E1 Pt Miller, D Night Prowler Missouri USA
A07/TQ2.0.02136G1 Rec Miller, J SmartassGunner California USA 3/27/2018
A08/TQ0.0.82154E1 SSG Miller, NL Pixie Pennsylvania USA
A07/TQ2.0.42162E1 Cpl Moden, S AT Lancashire GBR
A04/TQ2.0.12149E1 PFC Moertl, T Tank Bavaria DEU
A06/TQ2.0.82147E1 PFC Mondragon, M Draconus Oklahoma USA
A03/TQ0.0.92145E1 Pt Montemurro, G MothMonty Alberta CAN
A08/TQ1.0.42142E1 PFC Moore, M North Carolina USA
A11/TQ0.0.22263G1 PFC Moore, T Koo Koo Bird Michigan USA
A04/TQ1.0.52162E1 Sgt Moran, A California USA
A04/TQ0.0.52148E1 SSG Moran, L Kodiak Texas USA
A05/TQ1.0.A062896E4 Lt Morgan, S Honey Badger California USA
A09/TQ0.0.32152E1 Sgt Morris, CS Moe Florida USA
A02/TQ0.0.62140E1 Cpl Morrison, B HardBall New Mexico USA
A11/TQ1.0.42161E1 Lt Morse, M Moose Michigan USA
A08/TQ2.0.72136E1 Cpl Morton, S CMD MedwayPVB South East England GBR 3/30/2009
A06/TQ2.0.82153E1 PFC Mosse, D Reading GBR
A09/TQ0.0.32156E1 PFC Motes, DD Survivor Louisiana USA
A03/TQ1.0.72053E1 PFC Mrosek, S Bavaria DEU
A06/TQ0.0.22134E1 Cpl Muranetz, M Airborne Mike Alberta CAN
A03/TQ2.0.02148G1 Rec Murdoch, A Beef California USA
A02/TQ1.0.02141E1 Pt Murphy, D CMD California USA 4/19/2009
A11/TQ1.0.32150E1 Pt Murphy, J Kona South West England GBR
A08/TQ2.0.52163E2 Cpl Murray, M Chancer Glasgow GBR
A02/TQ2.0.12159E1 Pt Nance, SR CMD Florida USA 7/26/2010
A03/TQ2.0.22148E1 Pt Nash, P CMD Ironic West Midlands GBR 10/2/2009
A12/TQ1.0.72141E1 Pt Neal, N Bird East Midlands GBR
A01/TQ2.0.42148E1 Rec Nelson, D East of England GBR
A09/TQ2.0.52139E1 Cpl Ness, W Queensland AUS
A11/TQ0.0.42149E1 Pt Nevery, K Ferret Fife GBR
A08/TQ0.0.12146E1 Cpl Newell, GA Gman Arkansas USA
A04/TQ0.0.52143E1 MSgt Novak, JM Big Sarge Indiana USA
A11/TQ0.0.82157E1 Pt O'Brien, SF CMD Squid New York USA 9/9/2010
A10/TQ2.0.32140E1 Pt Odell, JL HalfPint County Antrim GBR
A10/TQ1.0.92150E1 Pt Odin, J Odin Glasgow GBR
A10/TQ0.0.12143E1 Cpl Oktan, E Spat New York USA
A01/TQ0.0.12145E1 Cpl Olivares, C Carbo Seville ESP 5/21/2016
A09/TQ2.0.52137G1 Rec Ord, K Metallikat South East England GBR
A07/TQ2.0.82125E1 Pt Ottelli, R Sharky New South Wales AUS
A09/TQ4.0.69082E8 PFC Otto, S Monk Baden-Wuerttemberg DEU
A12/TQ1.0.72136E1 Capt Pace, WT Wuxia Utah USA
A08/TQ2.0.72127G1 Sgt Pack, RJ STANTA Claus East of England GBR
A01/TQ2.0.42137E1 SFC Pakieser, ED CMD Paladin One Minnesota USA 6/16/2010
A12/TQ1.0.92141E1 PFC Palethorpe, R Chef South West England GBR
A07/TQ1.0.72149F1 Civ Paradis, M-A Ripley Quebec CAN
A03/TQ1.0.92153E1 Pt Parent, P Pepe Quebec CAN
A06/TQ2.0.52135G1 Rec Parrent, R Gurglash Rhône-Alpes FRA
A08/TQ1.0.52150E1 Sgt Parsons, S Fireball Greater London GBR
A04/TQ8.0.24476E3 Sgt Pasek, SA CMD Data South West England GBR 6/2/2009
A12/TQ1.0.02145G1 Rec Paskell, RJE Loxley South East England GBR 7/24/2017
A42/TQ4.0.23582E8 1SG Patrick, R RogueStorm West Virginia USA
A11/TQ2.0.92141E1 Cpl Payne, MJ Payney Queensland AUS 4/11/2014
A07/TQ0.0.52156E1 PFC Pearson, B Betty Greater London GBR
A10/TQ1.0.72137E1 SP5 Pelikan, SP HOC Washington USA
A09/TQ2.0.02155F1 CIV Penner, A Malphas Texas USA
A11/TQ1.0.42155E1 LCpl Peppler, B Pep Arizona USA
A09/TQ2.0.42149E1 S1C Perkins, M CMD Wyatt Perk Niedersachsen DEU 11/1/2010
A02/TQ0.0.52138E1 Sgt Perrella, J Big Ragu Minnesota USA
A11/TQ2.0.02269E1 Sgt Perrott, ASE Khorn California USA
A04/TQ2.0.62139E1 Lt Peters, EU CMD Porkchop Quebec CAN 10/27/2007
A03/TQ3.0.12136E1 Sgt Peters, F Hamburg DEU 5/18/2012
A07/TQ0.0.22149E1 PFC Peterson, HN Night Witch Maryland USA
A09/TQ2.0.02157E1 Cpl Pfister, E CMD E-Rok Maryland USA 6/9/2009
A11/TQ1.0.42140E1 Pt Phillips, D HugeBadWolf South East England GBR
A08/TQ1.0.62145E1 Pt Philpott, A East Anglia GBR
A08/TQ0.0.92134E1 Pt Poole, W CMD Hillbilly Maryland USA 4/25/2009
A06/TQ1.0.72153E1 Capt Porembski, J CMD Gauss Georgia USA 9/21/2010
A09/TQ1.0.12141E1 LCpl Potter, TJ Wisconsin USA
A11/TQ0.0.92143E1 Pt Prag, M CMD Widowmaker East of England GBR 4/8/2009
A05/TQ1.0.62130E1 Cpl Preshaw, K Wicks Victoria AUS
A04/TQ1.0.82157E1 Cpl Presson, RM Alucard Florida USA
A06/TQ0.0.42134E1 Pt Priest, J The Leewit West Midlands GBR
A05/TQ1.0.02155E1 Cpl Proffer, J Michigan USA
A06/TQ1.0.72129E1 Sgt Provost, D Provadan Michigan USA
A11/TQ2.0.82141E1 Pt Pusey, G CMD Satan South East England GBR 6/20/2010
A08/TQ2.0.42590E1 Sgt Pylak, M MickFett New South Wales AUS
A08/TQ0.0.62150E1 Pt Pyles, DJ West Virginia USA
A04/TQ0.0.82139E1 Sgt Quinn, HQ HQ Tennessee USA 6/24/2017
A08/TQ2.0.92140E1 Lt Ratislav AC Ace Bratislava Region SVK
A10/TQ2.0.12140E1 Spc Reading, M Dynofiend Greater Wellington NZL
A06/TQ2.0.52145E1 Cpl Reason, J Q South East England GBR
A01/TQ3.0.12152F1 CYB Reeve, J East of England GBR
A01/TQ2.0.12118E1 LCpl Reichard, RV Bull Shark Florida USA
A07/TQ2.0.22140E1 Cpl Reimer, L Painkiller Arizona USA
A09/TQ3.0.02158E1 Pvt Reutelsterz, N HoneyBunny North Rhine-Westphalia DEU
A03/TQ0.0.82145E1 PFC Richards, J Prophet South West England GBR
A04/TQ1.0.02151E1 Cpl Richardson, AP Padsbrat Fife GBR
A09/TQ3.0.02129E1 PFC Rickard, E.L. Banzai Maryland USA 5/18/2019
A08/TQ2.0.42141E1 Cpl Ridder, WD Deadfly California USA
A10/TQ3.0.12141E1 Pt Riemma, M Remo Illinois USA
A01/TQ2.0.02150E1 CW2 Riggins, R Pookie North Carolina USA
A10/TQ1.0.42143E1 Pt Right, G Trigati East of England GBR
A02/TQ0.0.12121E1 Pt Rising-Rakete, K Seagull Victoria AUS 8/26/2012
A05/TQ0.0.52155E1 PFC Rizzuto, M CMD H-K Illinois USA 1/10/2010
A11/TQ1.0.52157G1 PFC Roach, M InZanity California USA
A06/TQ1.0.52145E1 Lt Roberts, A Nena Virginia USA
A04/TQ2.0.32140E2 Rec Roberts, J Tallboy West Midlands GBR 8/31/2017
A02/TQ1.0.32160E1 Pt Roberts, T Monstruito Virginia USA
A03/TQ2.0.02146E1 Cpl Roberts, T CMD2 T Rock Virginia USA 10/27/2001
A10/TQ1.0.02276G1 PFC Robertson, R Flower Ontario CAN
A07/TQ2.0.82124F1 CIV Rodgers, WB Oregon USA
A11/TQ0.0.72152E1 2LT Rodriguez, J CMD Princess Florida USA 5/8/2009
A07/TQ2.0.82152E1 Cpl Roessler, H Pyro Bavaria DEU
A07/TQ2.0.12142G1 Rec Rogers, R Maryland USA 6/21/2017
A02/TQ1.0.93152E1 Cpl Rothfeld, C Frogr Florida USA
A09/TQ1.0.02142E1 Pt Rouge, C Esquive Lorraine FRA
A05/TQ2.0.62126E1 Rec Rowlands, A Six Foot West Midlands GBR
A27/TQ4.0.01768E9 Pt Rowley, R BBC Lewis Yorkshire & Humber GBR
A09/TQ2.0.02136E1 Col Rudolph, T Doc Massachusetts USA
A10/TQ1.0.62150E1 Cpl Ruffer, M Nutty North Rhine-Westphalia DEU
A02/TQ2.0.22140E1 Lt Rulli, M Marsattack Victoria AUS
A10/TQ2.0.92159E1 Sgt Rupp, R Moped Kansas USA
A03/TQ0.0.82144E1 Pt Russell, CE Wolf West Virginia USA
A09/TQ2.0.12148G1 Rec Rutledge, JH Rutt Georgia USA
A03/TQ0.0.82153E1 Pt Sabol, R CMD DGBRe Connecticut USA 4/16/2009
A06/TQ0.0.22150E1 Pt Sailo, M Sick Maggy California USA
A07/TQ0.0.82143E1 Cpl Saincantin, J Grumpy Centre-Val de Loire FRA
A07/TQ1.0.12160E1 Cpl Sargeant, B Joker Alberta CAN
A02/TQ1.0.42158E1 SSG Schmaeske, M Sachsen-Anhalt DEU
A11/TQ0.0.62163E1 Pt Schmaus, C Washington USA
A12/TQ1.0.22137E1 Pt Schmaus, C Doc Washington USA
A08/TQ0.0.42136E1 MSgt Scholl, D Grimm Oregon USA 1/28/2014
A07/TQ1.0.12147E1 PFC Schultz, EW CMD Snake-Eyes Ontario CAN 3/30/2009
A05/TQ0.0.22132E1 Cpl Schulze M Lifetaker DEU 9/30/2017
K9/TQ4.0.444M4 Pt Scooter, C Hell On Paws Colorado USA
A07/TQ2.0.12152E1 LCpl Secrest, CA California USA
A07/TQ0.0.72164G1 Rec Severtson, MR Caboose Alberta CAN
A07/TQ0.0.12178H1 Cdt Shade-Ware, BK Lil Bean Maryland USA 4/26/2019
A09/TQ2.0.32176H1 Cdt Shade-Ware, GL Lil Bit Maryland USA 6/16/2017
A01/TQ1.0.62140F1 Civ Shade-Ware, SE Lil Kiwi Maryland USA 6/3/2016
A01/TQ2.0.92244F1 CIV Shannon, G Klyball British Columbia CAN
A02/TQ2.0.42154E1 PFC Sherwood, M Rottweiler South East England GBR
A08/TQ2.0.22129E1 GySgt Shiflette, A Swifty Texas USA
A01/TQ3.0.02159E1 Cpl Shimko, J Bone Michigan USA
A07/TQ3.0.02146E1 Pt Sieber, T Hush Baden-Wuerttemberg DEU
A11/TQ0.0.92144E1 SSgt Sigouin, F Wolf Ontario CAN
A02/TQ1.0.12138E1 Pt Skidmore, SL Enzo Colorado USA
A09/TQ0.0.22156G1 Rec Skiera, K RBD Illinois USA
A05/TQ0.0.52142E1 Cpl Slater, L CMD Hellkat Maryland USA 2/16/2008
A08/TQ2.0.42136E1 1SG Slater, R CMD Crow Maryland USA 2/16/2008
A11/TQ1.0.62150E1 Pt Small, BE 1417 East Midlands GBR
A01/TQ2.0.22149E1 Cpl Smiley, P CMD Monkey Maryland USA 10/2/2009
A88/TQ6.0.56967E7 MSgt Smith, BA Bazfish South West England GBR
A04/TQ1.0.62147E1 Cpl Smith, D USCM Grunt Georgia USA
A08/TQ0.0.62150E2 Cpl Smith, G Nogarth North East England GBR
A02/TQ2.0.22146E1 Cpl Smith, JM Smiffy East Midlands GBR
A02/TQ2.0.62139E1 Pt Smith, S South East England GBR
A12/TQ0.0.92146G1 Rec Snelgrove, D Stretch Illinois USA 5/17/2017
A12/TQ1.0.12162E1 Sgt Sokolov, N Mad Russian N/A N/A
A05/TQ0.0.42160E1 SSgt Sova, S Hawkeye Budapest HUN
A06/TQ1.0.52134E1 CW5 Spart, MJ CMD Maledoro Indiana USA 7/31/2009
A10/TQ2.0.42142E1 SSG Spence, S Ontario CAN
A72/TQ6.6.95356E8 Pt Spencer, A Clanger68 South West England GBR
A10/TQ2.0.119067H1 Pt Spencer, R CMD Dog Boy Maryland USA 7/11/2009
A06/TQ2.0.12142E1 Pt Spencer, RA Dogboy Maryland USA
A06/TQ0.0.52160E1 PFC Spoljarevic, KM Martian Queensland AUS
A02/TQ1.0.32135E1 Cao Spoljarevic, M Cueloopz Queensland AUS
A23/TQ6.0.92810E7 PFC Spunkmeyer, D CMD5 Quebec CAN 7/18/1986
A12/TQ1.0.42246E1 Pt Stanhope, L South East England GBR
A03/TQ0.0.72138G1 PFC Starkey, A Retro Greater London GBR 3/26/2017
A12/TQ2.0.52170E1 Cpl Stead, AT CMD Tomboy North East England GBR 2/15/2010
A07/TQ2.0 12143E1 Pt Stead, CE CMD Chocolate Queen North East England GBR 2/15/2010
A11/TQ1.0.62161E1 Sgt Stead, HJ CMD Bossy North East England GBR 2/15/2010
A06/TQ1.0.22140E1 Pt Stead, JP CMD Teckno Viking North East England GBR 2/15/2010
A02/TQ0.0.82162G1 Rec Stenning, RJ Jackal East of England GBR 2/1/2018
A02/TQ1.0.32162G1 Rec Stevens, BC Waikato NZL 10/26/2015
A08/TQ2.0.32165H1 Cdt Stevens, CJE Mighty Mouse Waikato NZL 10/26/2015
A10/TQ1.0.22131E1 Cpl Stevens, JG Tusky Waikato NZL
A08/TQ2.0.32165H2 Cdt Stevens, JM Jacko Waikato NZL 10/26/2015
A11/TQ0.0.82148E1 Sgt Stevenson, F CMD Fraz Fife GBR 8/6/2009
A02/TQ1.0.12146E1 Pt Stocker, CD MayorBee Maryland USA
A12/TQ2.0.02132E1 Cpl Storey, N Schotti Lower Saxony DEU
A04/TQ1.0.12147G1 Rec Strange, B Radar Queensland AUS
A12/TQ0.0.72136E1 CW2 Strauss, R Karma New York USA
A02/TQ1.0.22155E1 Cpl Stringfellow, N CMD SNAFU Georgia USA 5/27/2009
A11/TQ1.0.92162E1 PFC Sullivan, HS Breed Virginia USA
A05/TQ1.0.72150E1 Cpl Swartzell, E Schwartz Texas USA
A03/TQ3.0.12159G1 Sgt Swatton, S GT South East England GBR
A09/TQ2.0.52140E1 Pt Switzer, M Thumper Maryland USA
A02/TQ2.0.82144E1 PFC Symons, RG Rodent South West England GBR
A11/TQ2.0.82149E1 GySgt Szecsi, A Dork Central Hungary HUN
A03/TQ3.0.02135E1 PO3 Takacs, G Reaver Illinois USA
A04/TQ1.0.12139E1 Pt Taylor, A Rocket Man Fife GBR
A07/TQ2.0.02158E1 PFC Taylor, A Spectre Florida USA
A05/TQ2.0.82134E1 PFC Taylor, G Axeman Midlothian GBR
A07/TQ1.0.52135E1 2LT Taylor, S East Midlands GBR
A01/TQ0.0.62161F1 CIV Taylor, W Florida USA
A05/TQ3.0.02118E1 SSgt Taylor, W DoubleTap Colorado USA
A02/TQ2.0.32145E1 Pt Tayros, J Hawaii USA
A04/TQ2.0.92135E1 Cpl Teige, P Dangerwaffle Texas USA
A02/TQ0.0.42134E1 Pt Telford-Sharp, T CMD Seeker South Australia AUS 5/7/2009
A10/TQ1.0.52140E1 Cpl Tervino, A Trey Texas USA
A06/TQ0.0.52143E1 PFC Theuer, J Talker Vienna AUT
A08/TQ1.0.12143E1 MSgt Thomson, I D1znee Greater London GBR
A04/TQ2.0.82157E1 Cpl Thorhauer, CW Blade Pennsylvania USA
A12/TQ1.0.82146E1 PFC Thragnull Rodger, H Capn Thrag Glasgow GBR
A12/TQ0.0.22139E1 Sgt Towers, M LollypopGBR Guernsey GBR
A01/TQ0.0.62135G1 Cpl Townend, B Bountyone California USA
A02/TQ2.0.12143E1 PFC Trigger, J Trigger Victoria AUS
A08/TQ0.0.62158E1 Sgt Tucker, J CMD DW South West England GBR 11/22/2009
A07/TQ2.0.72153E1 Cpl Turcotte, P CMD Loki Quebec CAN 4/6/2009
A03/TQ0.0.72160E1 Pt Turner, C CMD Core South East England GBR 8/3/2009
A04/TQ1.0.22148E1 PFC Tyler, B Jester Alabama USA
A06/TQ2.0.22156F1 Ujvari, G Zarigani Central Hungary HUN
A06/TQ2.0.92149E1 MSgt Ungaza, HJ Saint Florida USA
A11/TQ1.0.52148E1 PFC Urquhart, I Crit Chicken Ontario CAN
A07/TQ0.0.52136G1 Rec Vaananen, J Yoco Uusimaa FIN
A07/TQ0.0.32135G1 Rec Valentino, MT Big Cat Louisiana USA
A03/TQ1.0.52147E1 Pt Vallon, K Raven Baden-Wuerttemberg DEU
A08/TQ1.0.32130E1 Sgt Van Deelen, C Temper Alberta CAN
A01/TQ0.0.42137E1 SSgt van Meegen-Wolf, A CMD Shitkicker Rhine-Westphalia DEU 2/14/2010
A11/TQ1.0.52146E1 Cpl Van Temsche, J Requiem Île-de-France FRA
A05/TQ2.0.92155E1 PFC Vargas, P Bacta California USA
A03/TQ7.0.15618E4 PFC Vasquez, J Puerto Rico USA
A12/TQ1.0.02144E1 Cpl Veit, A Reaper Arizona USA 7/12/2018
A05/TQ1.0.12163E1 Pt Vellam, J The Devil East of England GBR
A86/TQ3.4.49421E3 Pt Victory, M CMD Victim West Midlands GBR 3/30/2009
A06/TQ0.0.52160E1 Pt Virola, X CMD X-Ray Maryland USA 7/27/2009
A01/TQ0.0.12251E1 PFC Vitus, P Tech-Com Massachusetts USA
A07/TQ1.0.42058E1 Cpl Vogel, T Bavaria DEU
A04/TQ2.0.82160E1 Pt von Readen, B Pepper Texas USA
A05/TQ2.0.32141E1 Pt Vos, GLV Joker Tennessee USA 6/24/2017
A05/TQ2.0.82133E1 PFC Wagerman, D Carnifex California USA 5/16/2018
A01/TQ2.0.62152E1 Cpl Waldon, B Waldo New York USA
A03/TQ1.0.32134G1 Rec Walker, D Bolo North Carolina USA
A10/TQ1.0.62137G1 PFC Wallis, J Fish Victoria AUS
A12/TQ1.0.72142E1 Rec Walmsley, K Teenie South East England GBR
A11/TQ1.0.32137E1 Pt Ware, RC Machine Maryland USA
A02/TQ4.0.05462E9 Cpl Watkins, M Exo2 Texas USA
A12/TQ1.0.32141E1 Pt Watson, D CMD GEO North West England GBR 11/23/2009
A12/TQ1.0.22156E1 SSgt Watters, S CMD Boltrig Renfrew GBR 5/2/2009
WYI/TQ1.0.04837E5 CIV Webb, B Anubian Florida USA
A11/TQ1.0.22139E1 PFC Webster, RG Unit808 West Midlands GBR
A08/TQ1.0.A050153E2 Cpl Webster, T LRRP California USA
A05/TQ0.0.82140G1 PFC Wech, D Joker New South Wales AUS
A07/TQ0.0.62145E1 Lt Wegmann, J Squid Hessen DEU
A03/TQ0.0.32155E1 Pt Weiler, N Bambi Bavaria DEU
A09/TQ1.0.52162E1 Sgt West, JT Razor Louisiana USA
A08/TQ0.0.72128E1 Col West, K Radar North Carolina USA
A06/TQ1.0.32151E1 Sgt Wheeler, R East of England GBR
A06/TQ2.0.12134F1 Civ Whinter-Hansen, B.L. Bealey DEN
A01/TQ2.0.22136F1 CIV White III, A. Beefhammer California USA 7/19/2019
A07/TQ2.0.32149E1 Lt White, B Shadowscout Maryland USA
A02/TQ1.0.82142E1 Cpl Whitley, S Batavian Greater London GBR
A10/TQ1.0.82246G1 Sgt Wick, B Joker West Midlands GBR
A14/TQ8.0.20034E7 Pt Wierzbowski, T CMD4 N/A GBR 7/18/1986
A02/TQ1.0.22135E1 PFC Wilkinson-Fenn, C East of England GBR
A07/TQ2.0.32147E1 CW2 William, BM Texas Bug Stomper Texas USA
A10/TQ0.0.82146E1 Cpl Williams, A SePteic Wellington NZL
A06/TQ1.0.92179H1 Cdt Williams, E Smalls Wellington NZL
A03/TQ1.0.42132G1 Cpl Wilson, T xrayted Florida USA
A12/TQ2.0.22147E1 CW3 Winfree, J Buckshot Georgia USA
A11/TQ2.0.32318E1 Cpl Winter, CT Nebraska USA
A12/TQ1.0.22137E2 Pt Wisbey, M Bethors Lady East of England GBR
A12/TQ1.0.12144E2 LCpl Wong, D California USA
A07/TQ0.0.22141G1 Pt Wong, K Spiderpool South West England GBR
A10/TQ0.0.42149E1 PFC Woodburn, P Taskmaster South East England GBR
A05/TQ0.0.92133E1 Cpl Young, S South Australia AUS
A04/TQ0.0.92150E1 Lt Zih, D DASCO Budapest HUN
A12/TQ2.0.12149E1 Cpl Zold, A Zold Central Hungary HUN
A04/TQ2.0.32142E1 Pt Zyderveld, M Renaissanceturtle Queensland AUS 11/10/2012
A05/TQ1.0.52139E1 PFC SZTUBA Crisis Poznan Pol 05/19/2018
A09/TQ3.0.02158G1 rec Brown, N. Ontario Can 07-29-2020
A10/TQ2.0.32138E1 CWO Rankin, D. Dougie Fife Sct 9-20-2018
A11/TQ0.0.92134G1 Rec Chu-Lin, M Chuey California USA 09/2019
A07/TQ3.0.02141G1 Rec Brokaw, M.L. Firestorm Iowa USA 10-09-2019
A02/TQ2.0.02136G1 Rec Schmidt, CT Techie Missouri USA 11-10-19
A06/TQ2.0.82146G1 Rec Nguyen, S.T. Tien Los Angeles USA 07-29-1997
A08/TQ2.0.22133E1 Cpl Frankiewicz, T. Whizz Wolfsberg DEU 05/17/2012

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:20 pm 
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Location: Toronto, Canada, Eh!
Service Number: A07/TQ1.0.12147E1
Country: Canada
I'm missed here as well, on the charter page I'm listed as follows:

Sid Schultz
Town: Kitchener, ON
Rank: Private, First Class
Svc No: A07/TQ1.0 12147E1
Callsign Snake Eyes

Sid, that Jayne Cobb (Firefly) & Snake-Eyes (GIJoe) costumer & member of
"Baldwin's Badasses" UAS MacDonald - A07/TQ1.0.12147E1 Rank PFC

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:37 pm 
Duke Bronson
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Country: Canada
PFC Schultz, you are there... please take note of your SVC no: A07/TQ1.0.12147E1 There's a missing dot.

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:15 pm 
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Location: Toronto, Canada, Eh!
Service Number: A07/TQ1.0.12147E1
Country: Canada
Sgt Beaudoin wrote:
PFC Schultz, you are there... please take note of your SVC no: A07/TQ1.0.12147E1 There's a missing dot.

Oh crap, it is there, I guess that's what I get for having the firefox search function search by matching case only and I forgot to capitalize the "S"... dammit but thanks for getting back to me :)

Sid, that Jayne Cobb (Firefly) & Snake-Eyes (GIJoe) costumer & member of
"Baldwin's Badasses" UAS MacDonald - A07/TQ1.0.12147E1 Rank PFC

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:22 pm 
Ready to Rock & Roll!
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Location: Rochester, Kent, U.K.
Service Number: A08/TQ2.0.72136E1
Country: United Kingdom
Could my rank be updated and there's an added M in my initial, so mine would read:

A08/TQ2.0.72136E1 Cpl Morton, S MedwayPVB South East England-UK 8)

Corporal in 69th Regt. 1st Batt. Homer’s Heroes.

"I'd like to die at the age of 80 in my own bed, with a belly full of wine and a girl's mouth around my c**k."

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 11:10 pm 
If found, please return to the Bar.
User avatar

Country: United Kingdom
i've had a name and rank change
A35/TQ2.3.47306E4 Pt Dowling, R Skapunkninja South East England-UK

should now read
A35/TQ2.3.47306E4 Sgt Hyatt-Dowling, R Skapunkninja South East England-UK

cheers matey :)

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 11:19 pm 
Duke Bronson
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Country: Canada
Updates done.

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 12:48 am 
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Service Number: A86/TQ3.4.49421E3
Country: United Kingdom
I'm not listed either Dom.
So just in case you want/need a complete list it's -

A86/TQ3.4.49421E3 Pt Martin E. Victory - Victim - Staffs - UK

Martin 'Victim' Victory
UKCM 13th Regt. 1st Batt. Freebooters

you can't take the PUNK outa Spunkmeyer

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 12:58 am 
You tell me, man; I only work here.
User avatar

Location: In the ODST Drop Pod, over Gaylord, MI
Service Number: A11/TQ1.0.42161E1
Country: United States
Yay, I'm on da list!!! :D

Squad Leader, 58th Regt., 2nd Batt., "Morse's Marauders" - U.S.S. Azuera
Primary MOS: Rifleman
Secondary MOS: Combat Demolitions

"When the going gets tough, the tough call on the Colonial Marines."

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 1:43 am 
Duke Bronson
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Country: Canada

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 4:38 am 
You there! Get me a Turkey!
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Location: Oklahoma City, USA
Service Number: A03/TQ1.0.62157E1
Country: United States
Awesome work once again Dom. Thank you for putting this together and maintaining it all these years :)


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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 11:03 pm 
Department of Homeland Security
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Location: Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Service Number: A10/TQ1.0.92142E1
Country: United States
Hi, Dom,

An update to mine, please:

A10/TQ1.0.92142E1 Cpl daSilva, J Chryse Maryland-USA

I landed a promotion.


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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2009 1:22 am 
Duke Bronson
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Country: Canada
You deserve it, bud! :)

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 11:07 pm 
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Location: Mtl Beach, Canada
Service Number: A07/TQ2.0.72153E1
Country: Canada
Just a little update here:

Original : A07/TQ2.0.72153E1 PFC Turcotte, P Quebec-CAN

I had a promotion PFC to CPL
And you forgot my callsign : LOKI

Now you should read :
A07/TQ2.0.72153E1 CPL Turcotte, P LOKI Quebec-CAN



A07/TQ2.0.72153E1 Cpl. Philippe "Locke" Turcotte

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 11:27 pm 
Duke Bronson
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Country: Canada

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2009 5:52 am 
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Location: Mtl Beach, Canada
Service Number: A07/TQ2.0.72153E1
Country: Canada
Thanks Dom

A07/TQ2.0.72153E1 Cpl. Philippe "Locke" Turcotte

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:08 pm 
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Location: Great Yarmouth Norfolk UK
Service Number: A11/TQ0.0.92143E1
Applying for my service number please

Rank- Private
Name- Marcel Prag
Area- Norfolk UK
Call sign- Widowmaker
DOB 11/09/1973

Marcel A11/TQ0.0.92143E1

66th Regt 1st Batt The Bucketheads

Call sign "WIDOW MAKER"

"Cecil" the pred Area 51 bio weopens division

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:59 pm 
Duke Bronson
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Country: Canada

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 6:13 am 
Bpt's Finest
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Location: Connecticut, USA
Service Number: A03/TQ0.0.82153E1
Country: United States
Good evening, i would like to register for a service number.


Rank: Private
Full Name: Robert Sabol
State/Country: Connecticut, USA
Callsign: Duke
DOB: 3/8/84

PT. Rob "Duke" Sabol
Connecticut Colonial Marines 861
-=Foxhound=- "We do it for the lulz"

Last edited by ssnake0099 on Thu Apr 16, 2009 11:38 pm, edited 1 time in total.

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 11:34 pm 
Duke Bronson
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Country: Canada
Sorry, need your DOB too please.

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 1:29 am 
Duke Bronson
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Country: Canada
Pt Sabol A03/TQ0.0.82153E1

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:29 pm 
You there! Get me a Turkey!
User avatar

Location: Oklahoma City, USA
Service Number: A03/TQ1.0.62157E1
Country: United States
Need a service number for a new recruit TK1072

Rank: Private
Full Name: David Murphy
State/Country: California, USA
Callsign: N/A
DOB: 02/10/72

Thank you sir!! :D


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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 1:14 am 
Hello, I'm joining up would like to register for a service number please.
My info is as follows:

Rank- Private
Name- Ward Poole
Area- Severn, Maryland
Call sign- Hillbilly
DOB 08/09/1964

Pt Poole: A08/TQ0.0.92134E1

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:23 pm 
Duke Bronson
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Country: Canada
CplTony wrote:
Need a service number for a new recruit TK1072
Weird... I'm TC7210. :lol:
Pt Murphy: A02/TQ1.0.02141E1
Pt Poole: A08/TQ0.0.92134E1

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 Post subject: Re: Service Number Registry
PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 8:14 pm 
The mythological taj
User avatar

Location: San Antonio, TX
Service Number: A11/TQ0.0.82134E1
Country: United States
guess I should do this here thingie

A) Private
B) Tammy Love Larrabee
C) 08 November 1964
D) Kansas
E) taj

"Chief Bartender for the Naughty Corner Bar"

Carpe Crustulum!! (seize the cookie!!)

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