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 Post subject: Q: "Will there be Pulse Rifles in Alien 5?"
PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2003 12:43 pm 
SSgt Burton said on 7/30/03:

Question: "Will pulse rifles be in Alien5?"

Short answer: Very unlikely.

Long answer: IF A5 is made, IF J.C. directs it, and IF the story contains Colonial Marines, the chances are still very slim that the weapons they use will be our all time favourite sci-fi weapon. At least not in a form we would recognise.

In an excerpt from "The Making of Starship Troopers" book, John Richardson talks about how he designed the Morita rifle based on his experiences working on Aliens:

"...we decided to take the real weapons we were going to use out of there original casings and mount them inside Morita casings (built by the art department). That was a lesson I had learned from ALIENS; on that film, we'd used Thompson machine guns as the primary weapons, and had simply built a futuristic casing around them. But we'd had problems with that approach. So for Starship Troopers, we took our genuine firearms out of their shells and put them in the casings (the art department) built."

He doesn't say what the problems they had were. My guess is overall weight. They basically did it the hard way.

Quote:imagin seeing new technology graphics put to the pulse rifle, by CGI or whatever.

Yes they probably could bring back the PR made completely of fiberglass (to cut down overall weight) and add in the blast effects post production, but I believe if you are going to do it right, you need real weapons in the actor's hands. This way they react more realistically to gunfire (blanks). You don't see actors blinking in some sci-fi films because the lasers blasts are put in later by the effects dept.

If we do get to see the PR again, it may have a totally different design, using the guts of real weapons in unique shells.

By the way, the modern OICW has a close resemblance to our beloved PR:


Could it be used in A5?


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