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 Post subject: Prop Parts: Grenade Loops & Webbing Bandolier
PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2003 4:14 pm 
LRRP wrote on 05/16/01:

Grenade Loops for Suspenders

I've been trying to get the lower bit of the suspenders done -- esp. the shotshell loops for the suspenders.

I'd found a source for heavy-duty Velcro backed shotshell carriers (five loops -- just like the film). The idea would be to build the lower part of the suspenders out of nylon strapping and then front it with female Velcro. That way the carriers can be attached and removed for packing and storage. You could also back a knife sheath with male
Velcro and use that to secure that to one side of your web gear.

The problem was that the vendor only made them in black. I've been pestering them for some time and they have finally responded. (They cite problems with their e-mail as the reason they have not responded before this.) They are willing to talk about trying to make the carriers in green but have cited some problems with getting components.

They would like to talk with me about the project. Before I get them on the phone, is there anyone out there who is interested? I don't know if they are looking for a minimum run number at this point or what the projected cost would be. Would most likely depend on their minimum material charge from their vendors.

You can see the carrier in this image:

They normally run $8.50/pair -- but like I said, I don't know what the vendors side of the deal looks like so I don't know what the cost of the custom green ones would be.

Please let me know ASAP if you have any interest in these, so I can have some idea what kind of demand we'd be looking at when I talk to him. I'm not looking for a firm commitment at this point, but if you do think you'd be interested in one or more pairs, please let me know. If you have any feeling, your price-points would be helpful (i.e. "I'd get three pairs if they were under $20 a pair.").

I do have one of their standard black carriers. The workmanship and materials are top notch. The backing is heavy nylon (2" wide) with a full backing of heavy-duty (male) Velcro. The elastic for the loops is 1" wide. The loops look and feel like canvas on the outside.



StevieRad said on 05/16/01:

Soounds like a cool idea....but wouldn't it be easier to make the straps with elastic loops? That is how I have done them for the sets I have built. I use 1.5" green webbing...with 1" green elastic to make the loops. I am making aset now for myself......I will post pics as soon as I can.

I know I coul dnot make a mass run of these, but with a pattern, any seamtress would be able too. I have a source for all the material and would be more than happy to provide a sample and pattern. Anyone know a good seamstress?



LRRP said on 05/16/01:


The loops are elastic, it just looks and feels more like canvas on the outside than most elastic I've seen.

A decent seamstress should be able to make the whole lower section. I just didn't want to mess around with the loops (esp. with heavy strap on a normal machine). When I found these carriers it looked like a really cool solution. A way to get the job done and add some extra functionality.

If we can keep the prices reasonable, it should be a reasonable alternative to making the loops yourself. The rest of the lower section is really simple (straight lines and medium to long seams all the way).

I'd be glad to see some pictures and your patterns. If we can't get the prices for the green carriers down, I may need to look at another solution.



StevieRad said on 05/17/01:

Clips and webbing....


uscmCorps said on 05/17/01:


When you get to Eagle, use the search engine there to look for: "side release buckle"

You want the HP0001 styles

I don't think that the dual adjusting or the "new sleek style" variants are right for the armor (if that's what you're getting them for).

It's been recommended (SteveRad I think) that the 1-1 1/2" clips (x4) for the sides of the chest armor, and 1" ones for the rest.

Still not sure which type of webbing that they offer there is the best to use, and how much each unit ordergives you (feet/yards ???). Any idea Steve?



Did you order this one from Eagle?:

CORDURA WEBBING 1" (WB0013-0100)

They also offer these:

HEAVY POLYPRO WEBBING 1-1/2" (WB0010-0150)
P6703 WEBBING 1-1/2" (WB0011-0150)
P6703 WEBBING 2" (WB0011-0200)
P6703 WEBBING 3" (WB0011-0300)
NYLON WEBBING 3/4" (WB0012-0075)
NYLON WEBBING 1" (WB0012-0100)

Anyone know what would be best and how many feet eack order gets you?


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 Post subject: Attaching Gerber to webbing
PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2003 5:57 pm 
FiveByFiveRW wrote on 03/16/03 :

Need help attaching my gerber to the shoulder harness. I know I could do it with duct or electrical tape, but I want something more "machined" and permanent. Maybe some type of screw or bolt through the harness and into the sheath? Has anyone tackled this? I know it's probably REALLY simple, but whatever method I use on this, I'm going to use to attach my M-9 bayonet to my Space Above and Beyond suit as well.


Rook 3 wrote on 03/16/03:

Pop rivits? If you try that though, make sure to use a small washer on the side of the rivit that gets pulled into the rivit shaft, otherwise it won't lock the rivit in place.

I did this with the metal reenforcements on my PR launcher, and it's rock solid now.

Be sure to let us know what you decide to do, and how it works out.


When you are out of Pulse Rifles, you are out of Weapons!

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