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 Post subject: The Marine Hand Welder
PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2003 7:23 am 
Willie Goldman wrote on 07/13/02 :

The genesis of when it was discovered... I'm not really sure. I think it was Harry or Keith - we worked on this a few years ago.

Here's a pic of the packaging:

<A href="]<IMG border="0" src="][/url]


Pulseriflefan wrote on 7/13/02 :

As I said, finding two MT drills in one day is so much easier.
I`m still searching for the grip and asked a lot of people who visited my shop with no result.
The reason is simple : 1985 the grip was a little "oversized" for a lot of cameras and the begin of the AF-SLR`s era brings some problems with different release plugs, so the grip was not sold so much.
Be sure, I asked the Hama service for parts, but no way.
I think I`m looking very positiv in the future, but it`s better to make a good copy of it instead of spend the time with searching.


Willie Goldman wrote on 07/27/02

Here's some pics of the original to get us thinking about this project. Click on the links below for larger images:


Weder: Right


Welder: Front



What are the welding tips made from?

Willie Goldman wrote on 07/27/02 :

It MAY be something from here, not sure...

TIGTorch tip



Rumpelteazer wrote on 7/27/02 :

hm..... they look similar to some lamp bits that the place I work for sells. Dunno about the interior of them though, the bits I'm reffering to are just threaded tubes.. think they might do in a pinch? I'll get one next time I'm there (monday night) and scan it in, but it looks damn close to that on the outside..

okay, I found one here at home. How's this look?


Rumpleteazer wrote on 07/28/02:

So what we see in the two pics up there are merely the attach points... okay, that works. ^_^ If someone who has access to measurements on them can post 'em, I'll see what I can find.

Having looked at those screencaps, I could swear that the button bit above where people's thumbs are is the "backpack" off of a VF-1 series valkyrie fighter (robotech/macross).


StevieRad wrote on 7/28/02 :

I have a recast of the Marco welder, plus some part of the welder that Gary was working on. It looks like he used a lathe to do the tube. These are available to anyone who will be working on the project.



Rumpleteazer wrote on 07/29/02 :

Here, this is what I was talking about..:
It's the part on a fictional (sort of) fighter plane that changes form. In fighter mode it is underneath the vertical stabilizers, and in robot mode it serves as a small jumpjet pack.


Spellbinder99 wrote on 07/29/02 :

The bevel is different, but, being a plastic piece it would be easy to cut down to the right shape. The flat piece behind the bevel has been tapered, but again the mods would be easy. If I remember correctly, the Macross kits were 1/72ndscale, which would make that piece approximately the right size.

If somebody had that piece, a cast could be made and then modified and then cast fairly easily in the numbers needed. All other detail including the offset dome on top seem to match.


spellbinder99 wrote on 08/12/02 :

There seems to be some sort of adapter between the grip and the face shield/ welding tip area. Could it be an actual found part or something they have molded up to suit?




Bug Stomper wrote on 8/12/02 :

I think the welder isn't build directly from the hama grip. It looks more like the grip was used as the base the protoype was build on (the screw holes on the right side of the grip have been filled in, the "trigger" has been omitted and the hinge bracket has been fixed in place and extended to the back). Then the prototype was used to cast shells which in turn were used to cover a real TIG welder.

Are there any pictures of the left side of the welder?



Kaiser wrote on 8/27/02 :

Is the trigger supposed to be taken out or left in place?

And does anyone know a serial number for it?



Pulseriflefan wrote on 8/27/02 :

I think they left the trigger in place to close the giant hole in front of the grip.

My holy Hama bible says :

"Hama Kameragriff Professional" itemnumber # 5506 / # 5507

Both are the same grips, only the release is different.

I asked for the grips here, unfortunatly they don`t have any spares. Sometimes they sell the old tool machines to China, but in that case they are trashed.


Bug Stomper wrote on 8/27/02 :

The screw heads are missing on the welder - I assume they used a cast of the grips for the welders.



Willie Goldman wrote on 9/4/02 :

Can when we have someone help us out with the upper "welder glass" portion - so far I'm not sure if anyone has done so...

Anyone have any ideas, pictures?



dropshipbob wrote on 9/6/02 :

Tinted plexiglass for the welder window. I think they also make a red film for use in photography and/or printing that might also work.

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