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 Post subject: The Sentry Gun Computer
PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2003 3:46 pm 
Bug Stomper wrote on 06/04/01:

Hi folks,

I watched Aliens again and couldn't resist to make this sentry sun screen:

What do you think? Anything I missed?



Pual Kitching wrote on 06/04/01:

I posted info about something similar on the Grid forum a few weeks ago, but this looks like a good place to repeat it (I don't think anyone saw it there). Here it is again:


I have also made a Sentry Gun program (see for pics. I have also done an Aliens Quiz). It isn't for PC's (unless you use an emulator), it is written on an Amiga in AMOS PRO. It has sampled sounds from the film and you can move the menu options etc. I have even created a simulation mode where you choose 'Auto' instead of manual (manual requires you to press fire on your joystick) and it will simulate aliens running towards the gun and it shoots them (the temp/ammo counters all move accordingly).

I never got round to finishing it (I will try to do it soon), but if anyone wants a copy I will e-mail it or put it on my site. I would like a copy of any PC versions people have done if that is possible (I also have a PC). I will be getting an old PC laptop soon (free - which looks slightly similar - it is old and big and heavy) so it would be nice to run a version on that. I was thinking of writing one myself for the PC in Quick Basic, but it looks like people have beat me to it.


p.s. Harry said he would like a copy so I have started to look at them again. Hopefully I will get them in a "send to other people" state soon...
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 Post subject: Re: Sentry Gun Control Screen
PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2003 5:29 am 
Spellbinder99 wrote on 04/10/01:

From study of some other pictures that a board member posted last year, this is identical in screen shape and size, key layout and overall dimensions to the Grid Case3. The only difference that I have been able to see is that the badge at the top says Grid Case2 rather than 3. The top row of function keys is black rather than the grey or brown of the Grid Case3 pictures I have seen and the large yellow Grid script is on the left on the Grid Case3, rather than in the middle as in the picture.

From looking at the movie with my DVD, they removed the Case3 badge from the laptop and removed the yellow badge from above the keyboard. The function keys are also all black. So pop a couple of stuck on badges off and you have a sentry gun terminal!!
Just ask the guy if it has the word Grid molded in to the plastic just below the top left edge of the screen with Case2 or Case3 in a seperate badge next to it. Either will do as far as I can see....
Incidentally, there is a picture of a Grid Case3 on Harry's site.


General Urko wrote on 04/11/01:

On another note, on Harry's site, the description for the "real" one from the movie sounds like it's not real at all, like they scratch-built it based on the Gridcase 3. Also notice that the letters on the keys are HUGE. Does anyone know if the small unreadable text-keys (seems to be red ones and green ones) are the same that's on the Gridcase? The links to the exact pages on Harry's excellent site are:



Harry Harris wrote on 04/17/01:

Now that we're talking about this it's got me thinking.

Although I know the piece at; be from the production I don't know why those non-working replicas were built and in what context they were used.

My guess is that they may have been used inside the sentry gun case, presumably the real Grids were fairly valuable at the time.

Any suggestions anyone?


Harry Harris


Spellbinder 99 wrote on 04/17/01:

Whenever I looked at those dummy computers on your site Harry, I wondered what they were for. You can see what are obviously fully working computers in all the shots.....heck, as he opens the first one, the screen is allready up and running.
I am also confused why in all the shots the computers have all black keys with white writing, whereas all the Grid Case3's that people have posted pics of have grey or brown function keys with various coloured writing on the non alpha-numeric keys. Yes I know that they COULD have repainted the keys, but.......consider this. The computers would have been very expensive items at the time of production. Perhaps like the APC and the core weapons for the P.R.'s at the end of production they were returned to the suppliers. The computers looked essentially unmodified, apart from the removal of the case3 badges.
The case2 I won on e-bay has all black keys with white writing. Perhaps the computers were actually case2's rather than case3's?
Something to think about?

When you are out of Pulse Rifles, you are out of Weapons!

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