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FANMADE: USCM Armor Build all-stars
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Author:  bigbisont [ Wed Mar 07, 2018 7:12 pm ]
Post subject:  FANMADE: USCM Armor Build all-stars

The purpose of this post is to highlight threads filled with info and images that would be useful to those who are planning to build the same item. This is not to say any of these threads are the ‘best’ nor ‘only’ way to do it. This is not to say build threads not listed here don’t have value. Additional suggestions for thread links are always welcome (PM sub-forum moderator).

-Venger's build (salvages a very rough ‘golden armor’ set)

-Bigbisont’s scratch built plastic armor (pepakura and flower pot)
-Bigbisont’s metal armor (welded steel and hammered aluminum)

-Rertrogarde’s home made/scratch built plastic armor
-Retro’s evolution of the above armor with upgrades and metal

-Obiwan Kowalksi’s pepakura and scratch armor build

-Schotti’s Metal armor (Aluminum)

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