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 Post subject: The Smartgun Battery & Belt Tool
PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2003 11:35 am 
Clanger68 wrote on 06/28/03:

Hi Guy's,
Hope you don't mind me jumping in?

Here's one of the SG battery conversions I did recently, sorry about the poor picture.


All I did was;

Cut the inner section roughly to size.
used epoxy resin to glue the outer and inner sections together.
Used car body filler to fill up the ends.
Sanded both ends flush.
Found and marked the centre of each circular face.
Drilled holes about 5mm deep, the same diameter as the mono-jack plugs.
Sprayed the whole thing with grey primer, then airbrushed it with humbrol Bess Brown (takes a while to dry, doesn't it! :) )
Once dry, I sprayed the whole thing with an automotive clear laquer.
Finally, I glued the jack plugs in place with epoxy resin.

For the other one I'm converting I have done exactly the same except;

To give the jack plugs extra strength I have used a length of brass tube that has a fractionally greater diameter than the plugs.

I then cut it to length, cleaned out the innards of the battery and used it as a core within the battery body, it should give the plugs a better chance of surviving a knock! :)


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 Post subject: Colours
PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2003 2:12 pm 
Harry Harris wrote on 04/29/03:

The belt tools that came with my Hudson costume when I bought it were a very dark gun-metal, and I've no reason to think that they were fakes, but I've also seen ones in Brown Bess too.



AliensArchive wrote on 04/29/03:

I've seen an original in gun-metal, it even had the little metal square piece of wire to hold it together. I think that detail is missing most of the time.

The Starlog spread is available off of in the media section.


omp uk wrote on 04/29/03:

I got a couple of original belt tools with my Frost costume - they're definitely not bess brown, more of a 'gun metal' colour.



Guess the people who have them agree....gunmetal it is!

When you are out of Pulse Rifles, you are out of Weapons!

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