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PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 4:23 am 

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Scapey wrote:
Phew. That was a bigger reply than I expected, but thank you for taking the time to explain... I was worried that you were gonna say that transgenderism or homosexuality were mental illnesses... Very happy to see that wasn't the case!

I would not call those mental illnesses. In some cases they are phases of growth some grow out of. In other cases there is a PH shift during a time in pregnancy that creates the tendency for homosexuality and the person literally is born that way. A person has no choice that they were born a certain way. It is just wrong to condemn a person for merely being born a certain way.

Historically, yes, those were considered illnesses in some countries, especially in Germany leading up to WWII. Thanks to the misuse of psychiatry the field was almost banned after the end of WWII. We are just now to get back to that field at its peak and have a much more thorough understanding of biochemistry and emotions as it relates to trauma and development. History is a very weird critter in this regards fast-forwarding today and looking around at the mine field of social media. Things are very dire and disturbing indeed.

There is also some recent research that indicates that exposure to gender identity politics is damaging to a child's development. This is being seen as there is a huge spike in transgender youth as the identity consolation causes some mental health issues and higher suicide rates. There is also the higher suicide rate instance post sex re-assignment surgery.

Regardless the best thing we can do is be supportive of a person's choice and lifestyle for it is never, ever, our place to judge. But on the flipside a choice of another does not need to be our choice and we are all free to do as we want. Done respectfully, productive discourse and informational exchanges can occur.

A few reading pieces supporting this: ... hest-risk/ ... -adolescen ... e-evidence

The field is still developing and there are many folks actively studying the topic from a medical perspective and more findings come out every day. Just be supportive of individuals and their choices and try to encourage positive discussions is all I can say. That one mean comment could push a person over the brink so to speak and we need to avoid that. Spread love, not hate. Encourage unity instead of discord.

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