The discussion of the Alien series of films and the props used in them is the aim, but if it's got Big Bugs and Big Guns, then they are welcome too!

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 Post subject: Forum Rules And Posting Guidelines.
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1. No flaming - This includes making personal attacks against other members, verbal abuse, starting knowingly offensive topics, mocking or being offensive towards someone. Such posts or topics will be removed by a moderator on sight.

2. No harassment or hate related posts - We have zero tolerance for those who harass or victimise other members in any way; racism, hatred related posts, retaliation, the spreading of rumours or harassing members via e-mail or private messenger.

3. No Threats - We have zero tolerance for threats of violence. None. Threats of Physical violence, sexual violence, or unwarranted
legal action
(Example: You callled me a name so I'm going to call a lawyer tomorrow...) will result in you being permanenly bannned.

4. No deliberate posting of 'flame bait' or NSFW materials - Including but not limited to pornographic imagery, graphic descriptions of sexual acts, or extremely vulgar language. More adult topics ( Such as: Sex or sexuality, Race, Religion and Politics ) may be allowed so long as interactions are kept civil and respectful - No insults, abusive behaviour or bigotry will be tolerated; and while these topics will not necessarily be censored, if they start to drift into unsuitable territory they may be locked and/or deleted at the discretion of the Aliens Legacy moderation team. We don't currently use a word filter on these forums, and we've never needed one before as the majority of the members are pretty self regulating. Please respect those who do not want to read swear words and vulgarities, and avoid excessive use of such language in your posts.

5. No profile abuse - Using your profile to post offensive or unsuitable material, or using it to harass or offend another user is unacceptable. Please be sensible when it comes to your signature aswell, having a signature that is twice as long as your posts is generally frowned upon. The moderators reserve the right to remove your signature if they find it overly long, offensive or unsuitable. Please restrict your signature size to one banner link or a couple lines of text. The maximum allowed avatar size is 125 x 125 pixels, and the maximum allowed banner size is 600w x 100h pixels or 150 pixels hight in TOTAL (Essentially, a 100 pixel banner and 3 lines of text).

15 lines of text and two banners is a POST and NOT a signature!

6. No multiple identities/sockpuppets - Registering multiple usernames and posting under all of them as different people will not be tolerated. IP Addresses are logged and Administration will know (eventually) if you're doing this. Anyone caught doing this will have ALL related usernames disabled and their posting privileges removed.

6b. No Identity hijacking/spoofing - Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Saying you're "really James Cameron" or "Harry Harris" will get you banned for trolling. Hijacking the identity or account of another forum member WILL get you banned. Period.

7. Selling items on the forum- This section has been edited per the new rules for the sales section. Just remember that if you offer runs of replica items, you're on your own if a movie studio takes issue. The Aliens Legacy Forums will not be held responsible for the sales of it's members.
Anything sold by members is done so at their own risk. If you have an "item from your personal collection" that you want to sell, feel free to post it, or put a note for people to "contact you for more information." If you are selling your personal item on eBay, feel free to post a link to YOUR auction.


The only exception to this rule is an item that claims to be screen used (a pulse rifle for example) and you want a clarification/second opinion. If the item being sold is a "found item" that was used in the films (such as a Racal headset, alarm box, Gerber Knives, stedicam arms, etc...), feel free to make an offer of a group buy.

And no, Pulse Rifles are NOT found items. ;)

8. Please stay on topic - Please try to post in the correct board sections, the forum is divided into different boards so that discussions can be grouped based on their subjects, the moderators will move threads that are inappropriate to the category in which they have been started. It is also encouraged for users to stay on topic within specific threads as well, if a thread has gone totally off topic then it is likely to end up being locked.

9. No forming invite-only 'cliques' or groups - The forming or promotion of invite-only groups on the forum is prohibited, any threads aimed at forming or promoting such a group will be removed. We believe that such groups which exclude members who have not been specifically invited is counter productive to our efforts to provide an open, friendly discussion forum service in which everyone can participate.

10. No plagiarism - Please do not copy other people's work, either from this site or from another site, without properly acknowledging the original source or author; passing off other people's work as your own is plagiarism and will not be tolerated on the forum. :mrgreen:

11. NO SPAM - Spamming the boards will not be tolerated. What constitutes spam includes the following: using the forum to post advertisements for UNRELATED websites, products or services, posting on the forum primarily for the purpose of advertising a website, product or service, posting large numbers of one worded posts or posts containing large empty spaces, starting identical threads in multiple board sections, posting solely for the purpose of increasing your post count, to 'bump' a topic or to aggravate and annoy other users.

12. Please "speak" in a language the users will understand - We understand there are users who do not speak English as a first language, and that is fine, but AVOID the use of '1337' speak. Despite what 12 year olds the world across think, "1337" is NOT a language. It IS however, just annoying.

13. Please respect the moderators decisions - Any thread or post which is designed to criticise or question the decision of a moderator will be deleted on sight. If you have a query relating to a moderator, please send an e-mail or instant message to the moderator in question or to an administrator.

14. The 'Aliens Legacy' logo and/or site graphics may not be used in an off site project without written permission of the site

Please contact us if you'd like to use the logos for your fan or
community related projects. The worst we can say is no.

15. The staff of the Aliens Legacy forums reserves the right to ban users who abuse the guidelines depending on the severity of the infraction. You will not get banned because you used a "bad" word. You may get banned if you spam/flame the forums or post inappropriate content (Example:"Visit my porn site here!"). We're a pretty tolerant group, but if you come here just to stir up trouble, you won't be a member here long. Ban periods can vary from as little as a week, to as long as eternity. :mrgreen: Please remember that your membership to these forums is a privledge and not a right. Even in light of this we try to the best of our humainty to treat everyone equally. As they say in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism; a medieval reenactment society): You will be treated as a lord or lady until you prove yourself to be otherwise.

16. Aliens Legacy forums reserve the right to change or add to these rules at any time, and in any situation the decision of an Administrator is final.

17. As of 6/29/2007 the Aliens Legacy staff are:

Russ "Rook" Krook III - Site Owner/Administrator
Harry Harris - Moderator at Large
Willie Goldman - Moderator at Large
Steve "Scapey" F. - Moderator at Large
Gareth "Pug50" E. - Site Admin/Forum Tech Specialist/Moderator at Large
Paul "Mantroon" M. - Site Admin/Forum Tech Specialist/Moderator at Large

Disclaimer - All props and costumes shown by the members within the Aliens Legacy forums, remains their Property and the Staff of Aliens Legacy do not endorse the sale or Copy of Copyrighted items therefore we are not liable and cannot be held accountable for Members personal possesions.

Original The Aliens Legacy FAQ / Posting Guidelines

NOTE: The guidelines posted below were previously located in the Archives section of the Aliens Legacy EZBoard, and while a couple subjects do crossover with the above information, it's useful enough to remain for viewing.

Q: What is this board about?
A: Discussion of the Aliens series of films with regards to the
props used in them and the personal construction of replica's of
those props. The board should not be used as an advertisement
and 'interest' gauge for the sale of runs of counterfeit goods or
parts of copyrighted material.

A certain amount of related film and prop dicussion is not only allowed, but encouraged, as such discussion keeps the discussion lively and introduces a fresh perspective to the core subject (see below: What does "OT" mean?).

In light of the core subject area, the members are asked to keep to related Sci-Fi Fantasy and Action movies and TV shows. Big Guns and Bigger Bugs (Example: Starship Troopers, Space: Above And Beyond, etc.) are definitely of interest!!

In the event that your post is more suited to other active bulletin boards you should consider posting to:

1." onclick=";return false; (Replica Prop Forums)
2." onclick=";return false; (Dewback Wing ASAP: A Site About Props)

Q: What does "OT" mean?
A: "OT" or "Off Topic" is used to denote a thread subject that while not related to the core subject of Aliens films and props, may still be a valid subject of discussion and thus welcomed on the board. Thus a thread title of "OT: Does anyone make a replica Morita" would be appropriate.

"OT" should "normally" not be used to introduce subjects that have absolutely NO relevance to the board such as "Who likes Brittny Spears?" or "Which cheese smells the worst?" or "Who else besides Harry looks like Phil Collins?". We now have an OT forum section, but be aware that any threads deemed by the admin team to be offensive or outside the rules will be deleted there as well.

Q: Does that mean I can't tell the guys/gals when something big happens in my life?
A: Of course you can! We are a community of like minded enthusiasts here and try to treat all our members with respect and friendship. Use of the "OT" designator is helpfull so that those who don't want to read such posts can avoid them, but for the large part the new member will find all the membership is happy to congratulate or commiserate with them on the milestones in their lives. Should you wish to post an OT subject in the main board for the enhanced visibility, we will understand, but once it leaves page one it will be transferred to the OT forum.

Obviously there is a practical limit to the amount of such threads that are desirable, but it is up to the member posting to be an adult and self regulate such things for a large part.

Q: What is "Flaming"?
A: Flaming is the practise of posting inflammatory or derogatory posts on a thread. Though a healthy discussion on a thread subject is encouraged, and the presence of opposing views on subjects will allways be a consequence of such discussion, at any time that such posting degenerates into out-and-out abuse or insulting behaviour then action WILL be taken.

Q: Can I talk about things going on in other boards like this on the net?
A: Yes, but only with regards to items of Aliens interest. Other board politics or infighting being imported here will not be tolerated, no matter how good the intentions.

This will hopefully consist of the offending person or persons being contacted and asked to edit their posts. If time does not allow or the person proves unwilling to do so, then the moderators can and will edit the posts themselves.

Thankfully such behaviour has seldom made an appearance on this board.

Q: How do I contact a moderator?
A: Email rook3 @ rookscastle . com , harry @ triotech . demon . co . uk , or use the PM function on the forums. Most moderators will return your e-mail/PM within 24 hours.

Q : How do I add an image?
A: There are two ways of doing this.

1) Using a off site photo hosting service such as" onclick=";return false; Photobucket allows you to upload your image, and after the image is uploaded from your PC, they even include a board tag that can be easily clicked and then you can paste it into your posting. If you have your own web server, you can post an image using the (img) (/img) tags. YOU NEED TO REPLACE THE ( ) BRACKETS WITH THE [ ] STYLE.

2) Use the forum's own built in attachment posting ability located below the message typing frame.

Q: Can I post or advertise auctions on the board?
A: Auctions (active or pending) may only be posted in the PX Sales Section. Access to the PX
is granted after you have participated in the community for a preset period of time and have a pre-determined number
of quality postings in the community. The reason for this decision is to keep people from joining the site, only
to sell their stuff and then disappear, never to be heard from again. If that is the case you can always sell your
items on eBay instead of here. Regarding auctions, you can post listings provided you comply with the following
community rules:


(A) You are the seller, or...
(B) You know that the "screen used" item in question is a
and the item in question is not part of a larger auction of items (for instance, the seller claims a helmet being sold is screen used is part of an auction of vaccuformed helmet, armor, rifle, etc. ), or...
(C) The auction has ended. OR...
(D) The item is a regularly offered item in an eBay store.

If you decide to post an auction that does not meet the above criteria the post will be removed or edited to comply with the board policy.[/i]

"A writer needs a pen, a painter a brush, and a filmmaker an army." - Orson Wells.

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