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 Post subject: LIFE FORM - Exploring the ALIEN world Dan O’Bannon Created
PostPosted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 2:39 am 

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This is going to be tough but if you’re a fan of the first ALIEN movie, this might not be too bad:

I am a huge ALIEN I fan, I liked ALIENS but from Alien3 onwards I miss that claustrophobic suspense the first Alien had.
When Ridley Scot came up with PROMETHEUS I thought: 'We're back!' but I forgot Dan O'Bannon wrote Alien.
I personally do not agree to the direction Ridley Scott is taking it, it goes without saying I think the movies (Alien 3 included) are all wonderfully crafted movies in their own right. And in their own world.

That's my problem: The world created by O'Bannon is virtually left unexplored.
And I have been waiting for that eerie suspense for about 30 years.

So I am thinking of pitching an idea which is not ALIEN (because can't do that) but proposes O'Bannon's take on alien life form as the backdrop for the story.
Because if you think of it: The Nostromo crew fought against a new born alien; a baby actually, which was trying to survive.
The franchise used this creature as an adult - which it isn't, according to O'Bannon's script.
Then there's the derelict ship with the mysterious space jockey.
We do know now what it is. But I very much doubt O'Bannon (or H.R. Giger) had this 'mask' in mind.

It's a very unsettling world which was portrayed in Alien I.
I have been planning to pitch an 'ALIEN LIFE FORM' (or whatever the title will be) to the film companies, but had no specific idea of the story - until I read the 'Ringmakers Of Saturn' book by Norman L. Bergrun.
Almost impossible to read, such specific details about these vessels, two and a half the size of the earth. Half machine, half organism... and one of them dead, floating in the rings of Saturn since millions of year.

Then there was Saturn's moon Enceladus and the Life Finder mission: They will explore this little moon's oceans, looking for bacterial life form.

If you put O'Bannon's universe around this, you got your derelict ship and your LV 426 right there.
Plus an encounter with any of the alien's distant relatives and we got a movie which will feel like the first Alien, explores the alien elements given to us in a way closer to the ideas of Dan O'Bannon, inspired by Ron Shusett's brilliant ideas to search for the most gruesome ways parasites behave in earth's nature. And use that on the new life form's life cycle, which must be even more horrendous than the alien's (which is not easy)

But before storming into the head quarters of a film company I need your opinion: What do you think?
Yes, it is fine by me to be as mean as you can be, tear the idea apart and make it look like the most stupid thing ever thought up, insults flying et cetera.
I'm bloody Dutch, I can't speak one bloody English sentence without tripping over my own tongue and I narrated this LIFE FORM presentation, forgetting names and planet names...
Obviously I'm gonna need help on this one.

But after all the joking, let me know if this idea would be worth pitching to a major company.
'cause if it is, I'm on a plane

Meanwhile, be as vicious as you like with this:

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 3:16 pm 
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There is a dark horse comic that came out with that was based on the original alien3 screen play by Robert Gibson. Since the Cold War was still on, it is a cold war scenario. Hard to describe, but much better.

Also the video game Alien:Isolation makes a good addition to the universe.

Also blade runner fits in there somewhere. There's a vague reference in one of the special editions that Weyland and Tyrell were competitors.

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