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 Post subject: GERCM Election Candidate podium
PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:16 am 
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Location: Hamburg
Service Number: A03/TQ3.0.12136E1
Country: Germany
As the colonial Administration is to be voted on by the forum,
so too will there be a vote for "GERCM" Division leadership.

We need a "Commanding Officer" (CO) and an "Executive officer" (XO)
In this section, for the GERCM CO and XO jobs, only GERCM region members may participate.

CO's job - Responsible for the overall operation of the GERCM division which may include serve as a point of contact for official division business, serving on division level disciplinary hearings, and delegating tasks to administrative staff

XO's job - The second in command and vice president of the GERCM division. The XO assists the CO in operations of the division. The XO may be required to act as CO in the absence of the CO. The XO will also serve on division level disciplinary hearings. The XO will oversee division elections.

If you want either gig, please say so. Feel free to add any comments you feel appropriate regarding your candidacy.
*Note that battalions within the division should have the same jobs of up for elections, but that will be done in another thread. Please keep this one to the overall GERCM region positions.

Until now these positions have been handled by:
CO: Moloch - Marco
XO: 577_ops - Frank (applying to continue in the current roles)

In this regard:

Group members (list from 11. April 2019)
Hawkins - Thomas
577_ops - Frank (also as interim acting as "Sergeant of Arms" (SgtA))
SvenK1971 - Sven K. No GER.C.M. local group member, yet
schotti - Neil
Burner - Felix
Heartbreaker - Liza
Epsilon - Simon

GER.C.M. members that still need to add them in AL as GERCM members
ObiHahn - Dennis
Moloch - Marco

Sgt. Frank Peters 'reload' Smartgun Operator
A03/TQ3.0.12136E1 "It will be no picknick!"
UKCM Foreign Legion: The Deviant Dragoons


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 Post subject: Re: GERCM Election Candidate podium
PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 8:54 pm 
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Location: Wolfsburg Niedersachsen
Service Number: A12/TQ2.0.02132E1
Country: Germany
I'm quit happy with the way it is.It seems to me you've been doing a great job so far,otherwise the both of you would have been fired :lol:

GER.C.M all the way.

Frank 577_ops as XO
Marco Moloch as CO

Cpl N.Storey A12/TQ2.0.02132E1

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