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Terran Roberts as Sgt of Arms: the '3rd guy'
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Author:  bigbisont [ Wed May 01, 2019 9:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Terran Roberts as Sgt of Arms: the '3rd guy'

Well, the candidates saying a little something about themselves seems to be trickling in on the various posts.

First off I have great respect for both Rob and Moosh. I don't know Rob super personally but from what I have seen he runs a tight ship and I look forward to his time as USCM 'CO'. Moosh I consider a friend and converse with regularly. I know she would be great at this job too. Both are Legacy Gold Award winners for a reason and the forum will be in great hands either way.

As for myself, I can simply say "Yeah, I can do this". I have been around officially since 2012 while posting my numerous builds (was a lurker for some time before that). I am a relatively new 'mod' to the boards primarily focusing on updating the archives section to keep the most up to date info at everyone's finger tips. I enjoy the history of the hobby and appreciate the efforts everyone has made to contribute to it. I do believe that 'rules make the game more fun' (like an old man I guess) and I would enjoy doing my part to help our group adhere to those rules and regulations. Also I am constantly online and hovering around the site (might not be healthy really).

My turn-ons include local craft beers, group costumes, and counting a long day of costuming as 'exercise'.
My turn-offs include spam on the boards and build posts with dead links instead of pictures.

Author:  Moosh89 [ Wed May 01, 2019 9:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Terran Roberts as Sgt of Arms: the '3rd guy'

I was so thrilled when I asked you for permission to nominate you and that you said Yes.

You've always been there for me to ask questions and opinions and give advice, and I believe you are a clear choice for this role.

You're willing to learn new things, and most importantly SHARE your experiences and knowledge. I've seen you cross international borders and had the privilege of meeting you when you attended the Aliens EXPOsed event in Calgary in 2014.

Your role as forum admin and your commitment to fixing the archives shows your dedication to the group and exterminating those dead links. You're preserving the history and I appreciate that!

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