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Service Nummer - Service numbers for Colonial Marines
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Author:  Burner [ Mon Oct 31, 2016 7:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Service Nummer - Service numbers for Colonial Marines

Ein Marine ist erst dann ein "wachechter" Colonial Marine, wenn er seine Service-Nummer vorliegen hat.

Es ist simpel, diese zu beantragen.

Einfach hier posten und das Format penibel genau einhalten:


1) (a) Please specify status (E, F, G, H, D, or W):
You are a costumed Colonial Marine, at least 16, in a recognizable uniform, or a recruit who is upgrading (with Colonial Marine patches): E
You are a Colonial Marine Recruit, at least 16 (no uniform yet, no Colonial Marine patches): G
You are a Colonial Marine Cadet (All children under 16): H
You are a Weyland Yutani employee, at least 16: F
You are a Weyland Yutani artificial person: W
You are a Colonist: D

2) Please specify rank, designation, or other designation:
Colonial Marine Rank (examples) or,
Colonial Marine Recruit (Rec)
Colonial Marine Cadet (Cdt)
Civilian WY Employee (CIV) or,
Property of WY Artificial Person (ECA).
Colonist (DAC)
(c) Surname, Initial(s)
(d) Date of Birth in this exact format: YYYY-MM-DD (Two digit month/two digit day/four digit year)
(e) State, Region or Province and country of residence. (Please click on the blue links to the left for examples)
(f) Callsign or nickname (Optional)

Zum Beispiel:

Status: E
Rank: Sergeant ( US Ränge: ... anterie.29 )
Surname (Nachname) und erster Buchstabe des Vornamens: BERNER, F
Date: 1986-01-01 (Jahr, Monat, Tag)
State: GERMANY, COLOGNE, North Rhine-Westphalia.
Callsign: BURNER

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