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 Post subject: ICCC Sept 13-15 2019 Franklin TN(south of Nashville TN)
PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 11:25 pm 
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Just wanted everyone to know that The Aliens Legacy has been asked back to ICCC for their 2nd year!
Out of all the cons I have worked with Michael, the owner and runner of ICCC, has been the most responsive! Running things thru him has got to be the easiest thing ever. I know last year was a little rough with the layout being the first year but Michael has listened to us and this year should be a little easier. For those who attend last year know that the convention takes place at Williamson County Expo Park. It is set up with a top observation ring where 85% of the show was located. This lead to some issues with the flow of attendees. This year it will be more spread out. Once again I am not 100% sure of the layout but I think we might be located on the actual expo floor.

This year there will 2 $1000.00 contests. One for cosplay/costumes and one for droids like R2D2/BB8/Mouse Droid.

As this is a Star Wars convention the guests will lean that way heavily. The announced all at one time and made a video.
The guest are:
Andy Herd
Simon Williamson
Clem So
Paul Markham
Mark Anthony Austin
Peter Roy
Chris Bunn
Sandeep Mohan
Bernard Collaco
Gerald Home
Nick Jospeh
Stephen Costantino
Pam Rose
Lauren Roman
Sean Crawford
David Stone
Eileen Roberts
Ilia Volok
Daniel Logan
Bill Westley
Don Teems
Victor Botha
Tracy Lynn Cruz
Brian Rachfal
Steve Sansweet
Ron Rudat
Duncan Jenkins
Mike Mensinger
Ron Salvatore
Pablo Daniel Segovia
Alan Flying
Gus Lopez
Blake Foster
Michelle Harrison
Timothy Zahn

Once I get more information I will let you guys know.




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 Post subject: Re: ICCC Sept 13-14 2019 Franklin TN(south of Nashville TN)
PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 2:42 pm 

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attendence for me is up in the air at the moment as I am changing jobs and my shift is centered on the weekends. I am not wanting to ruffle feathers if it is a monthly thing where I have to take off for a convention.

Update: I can not attend this event.

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