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Drop Request - Ozcon, Shropshire - 10 & 11 Aug
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Author:  SimonT [ Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Drop Request - Ozcon, Shropshire - 10 & 11 Aug

UKCM has been invited to attend Ozcon 2019, which takes place on the 10 & 11 August at the Oswestry Leisure Centre, Shropshire.

Changing area and refreshments provided.

Venue details...
Oswestry Leisure Centre,
Shrewsbury Rd,
SY11 4QB

SAT 10th Aug, 09:30am-4:30pm
SUN 11th Aug, 09:30am-4:30pm

Obviously they expect you to be there earlier ready for when the customers arrive.


Author:  SimonT [ Sun Jul 07, 2019 1:21 am ]
Post subject: 

OK, Andy has said he's up for the Sunday.

Also, Billy Stockton from AVP UK has said he'll come in his Pred costume

So we have...

Andy (Nostromo)
Billy Stockton [AVP UK]

Anyone fancy the Sat, or joining the Sun?

Author:  StephenDutton [ Sun Jul 07, 2019 9:43 am ]
Post subject: 

I'll join them as well for the Sunday.

Readyline now:
Andy (Nostromo)
Billy Stockton (AVP UK)
Stephen (StephenDutton)

Author:  SimonT [ Sun Jul 07, 2019 10:44 am ]
Post subject: 

OK, that's great I'll let the chap know.

If anyone else still wants to do the Sat or tag along on the Sun, should be no problem.

Author:  SimonT [ Mon Jul 08, 2019 7:49 pm ]
Post subject: 

Right it seems this event is a bit different to others as they don't need you there too early.

Roll up after 09:30, after the place has opened to the public.

Go up to the girls on the front desk, tell them that you're from UK Colonial Marines (or AVP UK in the case of Billy Stockton) and ask for Martin Portlock (he's the guy who's orgainising it) who will show you to the changing area.

What will happen is, rather than kitting up and going straight out you'll go out at a certain time.

Apparently, there's like a stage door, when you first go out they will stick some music on from the film, and put all smoke and stuff on in the background and you'll march into the event.

After that you can come and go as you please.

All this will be explained properly when you get there and they'll work out what time you want to make your grand entrance.

I think Billy in his Pred costume will probably go out seperately, with hsi own music etc.

Hope I've explained all this properly. This is a new one on me, but Martin will explain it all properly on the day.

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