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 Post subject: SailingRabbit's "Aliens" Fanfiction
PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 4:18 pm 
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I was fairly new to the fandom when I started writing this particular series, so I do apologize for any errors, nitpicky or otherwise. I actually wasn't expecting it to become a series until I received a lot of positive feedback on the first story. It continues on today after the first one was published to FanFiction back in February of 2018.

The overall arc of the series follows Drake, and there really isn't a heavy presence of Xenomorphs past the first story. The series quickly became a psychological character drama that analyzes the relationships the Marines had with each other prior to Aliens, and there are a few "spinoffs" from the perspectives of Hicks, Hudson, Spunkmeyer, Vasquez, and Wierzbowski.

1. Boreal Nightmare - This actually won an Alien Day contest back in April, and is currently being adapted into an audio drama. I'll keep everyone up-to-date on how that turns out. Very linear story, because I was new and unsure of what to do with the characters, but the overwhelmingly positive feedback told me I was on the right track.
2. Silver Flower
3. Humidity Ghosts
4. Grey Hearts
5. Past Shadows
6. Blue Moon
7. Cold Spirits
8. Lost Cause
9. Red Ice
10. Perpetual Storm
11. Night Rise
12. False Dawn
13. Looming Dusk

The spinoffs:
Violet Horizons - I do apologize for this one being short. I had less than a week till I was going to ship out to boot camp, and I didn't want to leave people on a cliffhanger. I might do a longer Vasquez-focused story, but right now, I don't have the motivation for it.
White Noise - Follows Hicks.
Dead Air - Follows Hudson.
Crash Course - Follows Spunkmeyer and Ferro.
Ashen Mirror - Follows Wierzbowski.

The Aliens alternate ending where everyone lives:
Ice Star

Feel free to leave feedback. Thank you.

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