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 Post subject: Predator Hunting Grounds. Your thoughts?
PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2020 9:59 pm 

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The Entrance and Exit sequences are very iconic and mirror the 1987 film.

The gameplay of the predator is a parkour style on steroids and is a great balance of weapons and capabilities versus weaknesses.

The gameplay of the 4 man team is very reminiscent of the requirement to stay together like in Left 4 Dead. The weapons and leveling is like Call of Duty with none of the lame unoriginality. The objective based missions with optional alternate endings if you kill and secure the predator guarantees no map or game is ever exactly the same twice.

I would add that this game play mission style is the closest any game I have seen to date come to the style required for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Required team play is a very big must and encourages positive relationships and positive team work. Reinforcing that also has benefits to the younger players as it ensures they have learned the benefits of team work as they join the labor market.

There is no pay for skins or pay to be good in this game. All skins and upgrades are earned by leveling. A very harsh departure from the typical COD and Fortnight pay to look nice and be good. This is a good thing.

Cross play is definitely becoming a thing and cross play with PS4 and PC is a welcome change. So far there does not appear to be any cheating seen as of yet.

So far this game may end up topping game of the year list in at least one or more areas.

The impossible takes a while longer and goes over budget too...

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