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 Post subject: UKCM Regulations and Carry Rules ***UPDATED 20/06/12***
PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:23 pm 
Perfect Organism
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Location: Hampshire
Service Number: A96/TQ1.8.34962E2
Country: United Kingdom
The UKCM has an open membership policy and accepts all comers. A costume is not required and all members are welcome at public events and the evening festivities that typically follow.

For certain events, the UKCM is given benefits such as free entry, a table and changing facilities by the event organisers. These are never guaranteed for any event, and may be found to be unavailable at short notice, but should be considered a perk.

Free entry will be allocated to people with the expectation that they will remain in an Aliens-related costume or will act in prearranged designated roles (such as manning a UKCM table or photostand) for the majority of the show hours. It is possible that free entry tickets will be limited - of course, those who pay for entry will not have the same expectations for remaining in a relevant costume etc. There may be additional requirements for private or corporate events.

All UKCM members will adhere to a certain standard of behaviour and in particular follow the rules and guidelines in this document. All consequences of failing to do so will fall on the individual.


Abide by the UKCM Carry Rules with regards to replica weapons. Additionally, treat your replica weapons as if they were real. Keep fingers off triggers and avoid pointing your weapon at a member of the public. Occasionally, members may be asked to point weapons for the purposes of photography/video, this is acceptable (Although if a child asks you to point a weapon at them, check with their parent first! ). Handing weapons to members of the public is also acceptable as long as the weapon is event safe as per the carry rules. However, the decision to allow the public to handle their weapon is the decision of the owner, and the owner is responsible for any breakages or other consequences that may occur.

Weapons Inspections

These will be carried out before each event to ensure all weapons are 'event safe'. A designated weapons inspector will be nominated prior to each event. IF your weapon is deemed unsafe, you will be given the opportunity to make it safe before leaving the changing area, otherwise the weapon must be secured away and may not be taken out into the event.

Designated Weapons Inspectors for events (unless otherwise stated):

Spotting for Creatures and Costumes with reduced visibility or mobility

There is no requirement for anyone to act as a costumed spotter. As a creature it's your responsibility to make sure there is someone able and willing to watch your back and you need to make sure that they KNOW that you're relying on them to keep an eye on you. It is not sufficient for one creature to try to look out for another.

Members Under 18 years of age.

UKCM accepts members under the age of 18, however they must be accompanied by a Parent and/or Guardian at all times.

Patches, logos etc.

The UKCM Lion, Delta and all other associated logos, artwork and iconography must not be used without permission from UKCM top-level staff.
If you wish to create any physical or virtual item or featuring this material, you must ensure that you have permission to do so before starting the process. PM Mantroon, Pug50, or Scapey to request this, with details of whatever you wish to produce, and we will discuss it and get back to you with a yes or a no.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:25 pm 
Perfect Organism
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Location: Hampshire
Service Number: A96/TQ1.8.34962E2
Country: United Kingdom
Replica Weapon Carry Rules

Because the UKCM conducts activities which involve the general public, all members are required to comply with the UKCM rules and regulations including the Carry Rules below. Note that UKCM members are responsible for their own actions and conduct while representing the UKCM in public.

Replica Weapons

The UKCM includes a fictional military force and replica weapons are part of the costume that members may wear at events. In regards of public safety, members must abide to the following replica weapon rules:

  • No Ammunition – any replica firearm capable of firing any type of projectile (Airsoft or Paintball) must not have ammunition loaded. Any batteries that power the firing mechanism must be disconnected and any propellant (such as gas) must be removed. Cap guns must also not have any caps loaded.
  • Non-Metal Bladed Weapons – any non-metal bladed weapon, such as rubber or resin, must remained bonded in their sheaths at all times (incapable of being removed or unsheathed easily).
  • Deactivated Weapons - UKCM members are permitted to carry UK-spec certified deactivated weapons. Anyone wishing to do so must also carry a copy of the item's deactivation certificate with the weapon at all times.

Prohibited Items

The following are items/weapons that UKCM members are PROHIBITED from carrying at ANY event:

  • Real Firearms and Blank Firing Weapons – The carrying of any real firearm or blank firing weapon by a UKCM member is prohibited.
  • Metal Bladed Weapons – the UKCM prohibits the carrying of any metal bladed weapon at any event.

Weapons Inspections

Any replica weapon brought to an event must be inspected by a nominated UKCM member (to be announced prior to each event), to determine whether the replica weapon is safe for use in public. If your weapon does not pass inspection, you will be given the opportunity to make the weapon event safe, or the weapon MUST be securely locked away for the duration of the event.

Transportation of Replica Imitation Firearms

Any item capable of being mistaken for a real weapon by a member of the public must be concealed in a case or bag whilst being transported to and from an event and when the bearer is not in costume. As per police advice, it is strongly recommended that this is a bag or case with a zip. (Sports holdalls or guitar bags are ideal for carrying larger items.)

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